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The Sad Stats Behind Wrongful Convictions

Since 1989, 300 convictions have been overturned as a result of DNA evidence. Eighteen of those convicted were on death row.

Yet wrongful conviction remains an issue across the country, often with devastating effects.

stats behind wrongful convictions are sad

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DNA Testing

  • 60% of people who have been exonerated using these methods have been financially compensated.
  • The average person spent 13 years in prison before being released.
  • Around 3,944 years have been served in prison by innocent people.
  • With 46 exonerations, Texas reversed the most false convictions solved by DNA.
  • Roughly 72% of wrongful convictions involve an eyewitness misidentification.
  • 40% of all exonerations were the direct result of a DNA test since 2000.

Wrongful Convictions

  • During the past 23 years, over 2,000 wrongfully convicted individuals have been overturned.
  • Of the 873 exonerations recorded by the University of Michigan Law School and the Center for Wrongful convictions, 416 are homicide cases.
  • Other cases involved.
Sexual Assault 203
Child Sex Abuse 102
Non-Violent Crimes 58
Robbery 47
Other Violent Crimes 47
  • 51% of these cases involved perjury or a false imprisonment.
  • 42% of them cited official misconduct as the reason for the falsehood.
  • In Illinois alone, $214 million tax dollars have been spent to imprison innocent people…for a combined total of 946 years.
  • The United States Justice Department estimates that 8% to 12% of all prisoners on the state level are actually or factually innocent.

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