Protecting Your Rights Before a Criminal Defense Trial

The Constitution of the United States has protections for those who are facing criminal charges. Half of the 10 amendments that make up the Bill of Rights are dedicated to criminal proceedings.

Often, it’s up to you and your attorney to make sure that your rights are in fact protected. When you meet with your attorney, you can discuss in depth how you’ll work together to make sure your rights are protected.

Any person involved in a criminal case has the right to have an attorney represent them throughout the entire process – including interviews with police and all court hearings to help protect their rights every step of the way leading up to a trial.

A criminal defense attorney generally has the responsibility to:

  • Advise defendants of their criminal defense rights
  • Explain what to expect during each phase of the criminal proceedings
  • Protect the defendant’s constitutional rights
  • Attempt to negotiate a plea bargain on the defendant’s behalf at the defendant’s request
  • Investigate facts and evidence
  • Cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses at trial
  • Object to improper evidence and questions at trial
  • Present a legal defense for the defendant throughout the criminal proceedings

Talk with a defense attorney today and take the necessary steps to make certain your rights are protected.