Plaxico Burress Pleads Guilty

Plaxico Burress, the former NFL player who shot himself in the leg with a caliber semi automatic pistol last November,  pleaded guilty to criminal charges including attempted criminal possession of a weapon and can serve up to two years in prison, followed by two years supervised release. The alleged incident occurred at the Latin Quarter nightclub in Manhattan.

Burress stated the gun slid down his pants and he somehow pulled the trigger when he tried to stop the gun from hitting the ground. With wet pants and blood on his shoes, he reportedly realized what had happened, he shot himself.

The grand jury initially indicted him on two counts of criminal possession of a weapon and a single count of reckless endangerment, both in the 2nd degree, according to a New York Times report.

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is running for re-election, has been cracking down on gun violence and he openly campaigned to give “Plax the max.”

Burress’s attorney, Benjamin Brafman, negotiated a plea bargain with the district attorney. If Burress did not take the plea, he could have served a minimum sentence of three and half years in prison if convicted by a jury for the original charge of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

According to his criminal lawyer, Burress will go to jail when he is officially sentenced on Sept 22 and he may be eligible for release after 20 months in prison. Brafman also added that “Plaxico decided he wanted to put this behind him as soon as possible.” He and his wife are expecting their second child in November.


Burress is suspended from the NFL for the length of his prison term, but the league said he could possibly sign with a new team when he was released.

His fellow teammate, line backer Antonio Pierce who drove Burress to the hospital, had allegedly made arrangements to return the pistol to Burress’ home in New Jersey. Burress does not have a gun license in New York or New Jersey.


The district Attorney attempted to bring charges against Pierce but he was not indicted. Antonio decided not to talk about the case with the press, the New York Times reported.