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Sometimes an unknown person becomes notorious for some unusual or tragic criminal charge. While few of these people are able to survive past their “fifteen minutes of fame” is one thing, their strange acts and their criminal defense attorneys often have a lasting impression in the minds of the public. Follow the most unusual celebrity arrests below and be sure to check out our other Celebrity Arrest Spotlight sections on the biggest names in the entertainment, music, sports, business and political worlds.

Unusual Celebrity Arrests Updated June 9, 2007

Judge in Arrested Astronaut Lisa Nowak Case: ‘Limit Media Contact’

The Orange County Circuit Court judge in the trial of former astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak has asked attorneys on both sides to limit media contact, and has temporarily sealed court documents. ‘I’m just trying to keep the media frenzy down to a dull roar,’ said Judge Marc L. Lubet, telling both sides that they may not issue press releases on the case. Nowak is accused of attempting to kidnap a romantic rival and was fired from NASA.

Virginia Tech Shooter Seung-Hui Cho Mailed Package after Shooting People

The Virginia Tech student who was responsible for killing more than 30 people at Virginia Tech took a moment out of his shooting spree to mail a package to NBC. The materials contained videos, photos, and an angry ‘manifesto’ in which he ranted about his hatred toward the rich. According to the postal stamp on the package, authorities believe that Seung-Hui Cho mailed the package after shooting two people in a dormitory but before he went on to kill more than 30 people in one of the university’s buildings. NBC and other stations have been airing the student’s rants.

Astronaut’s ‘Sexy Time’ Email May Have Put Lisa Nowak Into Orbit

The emails sent between NASA astronaut Bill Oefelein and U.S. Air Force Captain Colleen Shipman have been released to the media. Copies of the emails were reportedly in the possession of Space Shuttle astronaut and Oefelein’s reputed former lover, Lisa Nowak, when Nowak was arrested for her headline-making confrontation with Shipman at an airport in Orlando. One of Oefelein’s emails reportedly asked Shipman to accompany him on a crew trip to Europe, saying, ‘I need my beautiful Irish girl to keep the evil, ugly bread-canister ladies away from me.’ While Oefelein was aboard the Shuttle Discovery, Shipman wrote to him, ‘Will have to control myself when I see you. First urge will be to rip your clothes off, throw you on the ground and love the hell out of you.’ Lisa Nowak was arrested in February and charged with attempted kidnapping. Nowak reportedly found the emails after logging in to Oefelein’s computer at his Houston apartment. Police reports have said that Nowak’s car housed a BB gun, a knife, a steel mallet, and garbage bags.

Woman Prankster Arrested for Handcuffing Herself to Hugh Grant

The star of a Dutch television show was arrested for handcuffing herself to actor Hugh Grant while he walked down the red carpet at the Amsterdam premiere of his latest movie, ‘Music and Lyrics.’ Cielke Sijben reportedly ran up to Grant and slipped a handcuff on his left wrist. Grant had to reportedly wait ten minutes for firefighters to free him from the woman. According to a report in the New York Daily News, after the woman told Grant she didn’t have a key, he reportedly told her, ‘I am trying to be with my fans and you are pissing me off.’

Astronaut Lisa Nowak Escapes Attempted Murder Charge

Prosecutors in Florida charged astronaut Lisa Nowak, 43, with trying to attempted kidnapping with intent to inflict bodily harm, but did not charge Nowak with attempted murder, as police had recommended. The Orange-Osceola County State Attorney’s Office also charged Nowak, of burglary and battery, according to the Associated Press. Nowak’s attorney, Donald Lykkebak said in a statement, ‘Unfortunately, as demonstrated by the charges now filed, the State’s current assessment still overstates [Nowak's] conduct.’ Lykkebak also stated that Nowak denies the charges and will defend against them ‘vigorously.