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Being a professional athlete often comes with many perks, including the big-time contracts, the adulation of many fans and the notoriety. With that said, professional athletes are also highly scrutinized, whether it be for their performances on the field or their actions off of it. It is very rare to go one day without hearing about some professional athlete who has been arrested, and you’re just as likely to see some stars with their criminal defense attorney in court as with their teammates on the court.. From the NBA and the NFL to MLB and other sports, the Sports Celebrity Arrest Spotlight has got you covered like a cornerback blanketing a wide receiver.

Track the latest celebrity sports arrests involving the biggest players and figures in the game below, and don’t forget to check out our other Celebrity Arrest Spotlight sections for the most recent and unusual arrests involving the heaviest hitters in the entertainment, music, business, and political spectrums.

Celebrity Sports Arrests Updated June 15, 2007

Former Basketball Star Marvin ‘Bad News’ Barnes Arrested

Former basketball star Marvin Barnes, 54, whose nickname is reportedly ‘Bad News Barnes’ because of his legendary off-the-court arrests, has been arrested for cocaine possession. Barnes was arrested by Rhode Island State Police, who found what appeared to be a bag of cocaine in his car, according to a Rhode Island State Police spokesperson. An attorney for Barnes said he will be taking a temporary leave from his position as President of the Rebound Foundation, which helps disadvantaged children. Barnes has admitted to drug addictions in the past and told a Providence, Rhode Island television station that he is getting help and is ‘confident that everything will turn out okay.’ Barnes has reportedly been in drug treatment at least five times, according to his former attorney.

Arizona Diamondbacks Infielder Albert Callaspo Arrested for Assault

The Associated Press has reported that Alberto Callaspo, infielder for the Arizona Diamondbacks, has been arrested for reportedly assaulting his wife. Team President Derrick Hall announced that Callaspo would be suspended without pay until more details are gathered about the incident. Callaspo has been ordered to stay away from his wife and one year old child. He could face charges of misdemeanor assault and felony criminal damage to property. Callaspo’s wife, Marianny Paola, reportedly incurred minor abrasions and a foot mark on her pants after the couple reportedly argued.

Arkansas Razorback Charles Thomas Arrested for Domestic Battery

The Associated Press has reported that Arkansas Razorback basketball player Charles Thomas, 21, was arrested and charged with third-degree battery after a reported argument with his former girlfriend. According to the Fayetteville, Arkansas police department, officers were called to an apartment by Sarah Thompson, also 21, who told police that she and Thomas had argued and he had pushed her to the floor. Thomas is scheduled to appear in court May 21.

NFL Players Had 308 Arrests, Says San Diego Newspaper

The San Diego Union-Tribune has reported that NFL players have had 308 arrests and citations since 2000. The newspaper also found that 3% of the men in the league are responsible for 40% of the league’s arrests. That 3% is approximately 50 men with repeat offenses. The Cincinnati Bengals lead the NFL league in arrests, with 23 so far. The NFL is currently revising its personal conduct policies to discourage behavior that results in arrests, criminal charges, and DUI offenses.

Poker Pro William Gustafik’s Wife Arrested for Gustafik’s Murder

The Contra Costa Times newspaper has reported that Professional Poker player William Gustafik’s hospitalized wife will been arrested for the murder of Gustafik as soon as she is released from the hospital. Gustafik, 44, was stabbed in his luxury hi-rise apartment in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gustafik’s wife, Jill Rockcastle, was found in a hotel room, unconscious, and taken to a hospital, where she is listed in critical condition. Investigators said the couple had argued in their apartment on the night that Gustafik was murdered. Gustafik earned $38k in last year’s World Series of Poker, finishing 280th against nearly 9,000 contestants who each paid a $10,000 entry fee.

Boston Celtics Player Sebastian Telfair Arrested on Weapon Charge

Boston Celtics backup guard Sebastian Telfair, 21, was arrested in New York City for speeding, driving on a suspended license, and possession of a .45 caliber handgun. Telfair was reportedly stopped on the Bronx River Parkway in Yonkers, New York for allegedly driving 77 miles per hour in a lane that was zone for 45 miles per hour. According to a police report, Telfair was polite and cooperative. He was charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Iowa Cyclones’ Mike Taylor Pleads Guilty to Cough Medicine Theft

Iowa State basketball star Mike Taylor, 21, pleaded Guilty to shoplifting an $11 box of cold medicine from an Ames, Iowa grocery store. Taylor will pay $182 in fines. He also faces a June 7 court date for fourth-degree criminal mischief, stemming from an incident in February at an Ames apartment. Taylor was designated the Cyclones’ most valuable player last season.

Iowa State Player Mike Taylor Arrested for Shoplifting

Police in Ames, Iowa arrested Iowa State basketball player Mike Taylor for shoplifting an $11 box of cold medicine at an area grocery store. Taylor was the Cyclones’ most valuable player last season. He was charged with Fifth Degree theft after the incident. Taylor was also arrested in March for Fourth Degree Criminal Mischief stemming from an incident in February.

University of Southern Alabama Basketball Star Ernest James Little Arrested

The Mobile, Alabama Register has reported that Southern Alabama University basketball player Ernest James Little is in jail on $1 million bond following arrest for robbery and drug charges. Also arrested was E.V. Dumas. Both were charged with possession of marijuana and first-degree robbery. Both boys are accused of robbing a Budget Inn in Alabama at gunpoint. Specially trained dogs from a nearby prison and a helicopter helped to capture the two boys.

Bengals’ Chris Henry Picked Up for Driving on Suspended License

NFL Player May Face Up to 88 Days in the Klink

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry may face jail time in Kentucky after he was ticketed in Cincinnati, OH for driving on a suspended license, not wearing a seat belt, and not using a turn signal. The traffic tickets could potentially violate Henry’s probation in Kentucky, where Henry pled guilty to providing alcohol to minors. Henry received 90 days in jail and served two days of the sentence, with 88 days suspended. If convicted of the traffic charged in Ohio, prosecutors in Kenton County, Kentucky could order Henry to serve the rest of his sentence. Henry also faces a possible suspension from the NFL for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

Central Michigan Basketball Star Eddie Spencer Gets 30 Days in Jail

Central Michigan senior guard Eddie Spencer has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for resisting and obstructing arrest after driving with a suspended license. Spence also received one year of probation, 100 hours of community service, and more than $1500 in fines. A police officer, who had reportedly arrested Spencer for driving with a suspended license the previous week, spotted Spencer and his car parked outside a convenience store in Mt. Pleasant, MI. According to police reports, a scuffle ensued when the officer attempted to arrest Spencer, and he had to be subdued with a Taser gun.

Former Arizona Basketball Player Robbie Dean Dosty Charged with Extortion

Robbie Dean Dosty, former basketball player for the University of Arizona, has been indicted by a Pima County grand jury on extortion-related charges. Court documents show that Dosty, now 48, threatened to send photos of a man having sex with him to the man’s employer. The unnamed victim said that Dosty asked for $25,000 in exchange for not sending the photos to the man’s employer, friends, and news agencies. Dosty was released on his own recognizance from a Pima County jail.

Dolphins’ Joey Porter Charged with Punching Bengals’ Levi Jones

Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter was issued a summons on a misdemeanor battery charge against Cincinnati Bengals offensive lineman Levi Jones after Las Vegas, NV police said the players argued at a casino blackjack table at the Palms hotel and casino. Porter is accused of punching Jones in the face after an argument ensued. Jones was reportedly treated by medical professionals at the scene. Las Vegas police officer Kevin McMahill said, ‘Apparently these two have a history with each other; a history of trash talking on the field.’ The court appearance date is not known.

Ron Artest Arrested for Domestic Violence and Using Force

Sacramento Kings’ Forward and NBA superstar Ron Artest was arrested for spousal abuse after police responded to a 911 call from Artest’s wife. Artest was charged with domestic violence and using force to keep a victim from reporting a crime. He was booked into Placer County Jail and released on $50,000 bond.

Pittsburgh Steelers’ Deshea Townsend Arrested for Assault

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Deshea Townsend reportedly received an arrest summons for assault, along with his assistant, Ray Burgess, after a fist fight at Margarita Mama’s in Pittsburgh, according to the Pittsburgh Police Department. Townsend denies the charge, and the manager of Margarita Mama’s, Tim Novosel, told Pittsburgh reporters that Townsend was not involved in the fight. ‘Two guys were fighting, and we ran over and broke up the fight,’ said Novosel. ‘Deshea Townsend was nowhere near [the fight].’

Boxer Chris Eubank Arrested for Staging War Protest

World champion boxer Chris Eubank was arrested for protesting Prince Harry’s military assignment to fight in the Iraq war. Eubank reportedly caused a disturbance by honking the horn of his truck in London with a banner on it that said, ‘Don’t send our young prince to your catastrophic illegal war to make it look plausible.’ After Eubank was stopped by a police officer, he was arrested for breach of peace and for driving without due care and attention.

San Diego Chargers’ Terrence Kiel Pleads Guilty to Felony

San Diego Chargers safety Terrence Kiel, 26, pleaded guilty to both felony and misdemeanor charges for shipping codeine-based cough syrup to his home town in Texas. In a plea deal with prosecutors, Kiel has agreed to receive counseling for gambling, and to perform 100 hours of community service in exchange for avoiding jail time for shipping 18 pints of cough syrup across state lines. The Drug Enforcement Agency intercepted the shipment and arrested Kiel in September. If Kiel meets all conditions of the plea deal and avoids further arrests, the court will drop the felony charge of transporting a controlled substance. Kiel’s misdemeanor charge of dispersing a controlled substance without a license would remain. Law enforcement officials have said that they believed that Kiel may have tried to ship the cough syrup, which can get up to $325 on the street, to pay off gambling debts.

Judge Acquits Titans Football Player Pac-Man Jones of Assault

Titans football player Pac-Man Jones has been acquitted of assault charged filed by a woman who claimed Jones had spit on her after an argument last October. Judge John Aaron Holt said Krystal Webb’s testimony was inconsistent and threw out the charges. Jones was fined $100k and suspended one game by the NFL because of the incident.

Chargers’ Terence Kiel Cited for Public Urination

Will Appear in Court February 20

San Diego Chargers’ safety Terrence Kiel will appear in court February 20 for an incident last month in which he allegedly urinated outside a San Diego nightclub. Kiel will also appear in court on felony theft and drug charges stemming from a September arrest after Drug Enforcement Agents intercepted packages containing 18 pint bottles of codeine-based cough syrup that Kiel had attempted to ship out of state. Kiel reportedly admitted he had shipped the syrup to Texas, where it can sell for upwards of $325 on the street.

Judge Rules Chicago Bears Lineman Tank Johnson Can Attend Super Bowl

Chicago Bears defensive lineman Tank Johnson is Super Bowl bound, despite having been sentenced to home confinement for probation violations and a December weapons arrest. Cook County, IL Judge John Moran approved Johnson’s request to travel to Miami to play in NFL Super Bowl XLI. Johnson must return to Chicago February 5 and was warned that he may not violate the law while away or will face ‘dire consequences.’ Johnson was arrested December 14 in a police raid of his home and pleaded Not Guilty to 10 misdemeanor charges in Lake County, IL. Officers reportedly found six guns, some of which were loaded, more than 500 rounds of ammunition, and marijuana. The December arrest violated a prior probation sentence stemming from a 2005 arrest for a misdemeanor gun-possession charge.