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Politics can impassion people for a variety of reasons, from sharing similar beliefs to simply being captivated by the charismatic figures and darlings of the political world. With that said, others may be drawn to the more sordid aspects of politics, from the hush-hush under dealings to the whiffs of corruption.

Mudslinging between political opponents is and has always been a big part of politics, and it hardly comes as a surprise to hear politicians being involved in or linked to some controversy nowadays. While seeing politicians arrested seems much rarer, these controversies nonetheless make fascinating cases in the public eye. Many politicians may start out as lawyers, but they often end up needing a good criminal defense attorney to help fight their charges in court.

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Celebrity Political Arrests Updated June 15, 2007

Virginia Senator Jim Webb Says He Didn’t Give Gun to Arrested Senior Aide

Virginia Senator Jim Webb has said that he did not provide a gun to his Senior Aide, Phillip Thompson, who was arrested in Washington, D.C. at the Russell Senate office building for attempting to carry a briefcase into the building that contained a loaded pistol. Thompson pleaded Not Guilty in a D.C. Superior Court for carrying a pistol without a license and carrying an unregistered firearm and ammunition. X-Ray detectors in the Senate building displayed the concealed weapon, according to police reports. Senator Webb said in a statement that the event was “completely inadvertent” but also stated, “I have never carried a gun in the Capitol complex and I did not give the gun to Phillip Thompson.” Webb said he supports the Second Amendment and thinks the right to carry firearms is important, according to the Associated Press. Thompson will return to court May 1.