Box Cutter Robbery Victim Says Attacker Looked Like Movie Star

A 37-year-old Chicago man who was using an ATM machine at 2:30 AM was confronted by a man who demanded money. The man refused and there was a struggle. The assailant slashed him multiple times with a box cutter and then stole his cell phone before fleeing. The victim was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and treated for minor injuries. Police later interviewed him about the attack.

The victim was able to give police a valuable clue while describing his attacker. He said the man resembled famous movie star, Samuel L. Jackson, who has starred in many hit movies including Pulp Fiction and Star Wars.

Police detectives were certain that Samuel L. Jackson wasn’t the assailant, but on a hunch they visited a YMCA that is located down the street from where the attack took place. They asked the desk clerk there if she was familiar with any resident who might resemble Jackson. She reportedly pointed out Richard B. Mason, who incidentally really does look a bit like Jackson.

Mason, 49, was arrested and charged with one count of armed robbery. When the victim was shown a photo lineup he immediately identified Mason as the movie star look-alike who jumped him, sliced up his arms and chest and took off with his phone.

Mason’s bond was set at $350,000.

Although Mason wasn’t trying to impersonate Jackson, he isn’t the only celebrity look-alike who has ever found himself in trouble with the law.

Back in February, a Los Angeles street performer dressed as Chewbacca was handcuffed and arrested after head-butting a tour guide. The man, in full Chewie gear, was taken away by LAPD after the incident. A Jack Sparrow impersonator at the scene commented that it wasn’t the first time the Chewbacca impersonator had acted aggressively. He said that Chewie once got into a fight with a music vendor and they knocked over a baby stroller.

Also in Los Angeles, two years ago street performers dressed as Mr. Incredible, Elmo the Muppet, and the killer from Scream were all arrested for aggressive begging. A Freddy Krueger impersonator was taken into custody for actually stabbing another man, but the charges were later dropped.

A New Jersey woman who impersonated Jessica Simpson’s assistant was arrested after she received over $12,000 in free merchandise samples by calling companies and telling them that Jessica was interested in their products. She talked them into sending her free jewelry, handbags and clothing with the ruse.

Sometimes a celebrity impersonator can get into legal hot water just for being too authentic. That was the case when Robin Williams sued impersonator Michael Clayton. Clayton allegedly tried to con money from a firefighter by actually claiming to be Williams. Apparently, he impersonated Williams so well many people couldn’t tell the difference. No legal charges were filed, but Clayton agreed to stop pretending to be Williams.

For Richard B. Mason, the case of looking too much like a celebrity worked out to his great disadvantage. Pity he couldn’t have found a way to spin his likeness into a legitimate income rather than having it lead to an unmistakable identification in a police lineup.