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Movie stars thrill us with their captivating on-screen performances and amazing social lives. Entertainers often provide a good source of entertainment and interest for the trouble that they can get into during their daily lives, and it turns out they’re just as captivating when they’re standing next to their criminal defense attorneys in court. Whether it’s socialites like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie getting nabbed for DUI or movie stars like Alec Baldwin, Mel Gibson and many others being involved in some sort of headline-making controversy, these entertainers truly live up to this name in many ways.

Follow the latest celebrity arrests involving big-name movie stars, television darlings and other pop figures below, and don’t forget to check out our other Celebrity Arrest Spotlight sections on the most recent music, sports, business, political and other unusual arrests to make all of the gossip shows and magazines

Celebrity Business Arrests Updated June 15, 2007

HBO CEO Chris Albrecht Arrested for Assaulting Girlfriend

The chairman and CEO of the HBO network was arrested outside a Las Vegas hotel for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. Chris Albrecht, 54, was booked for misdemeanor suspicion of assault after attending the live pay-per-view boxing match of Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather, Jr., said police. A bystander reportedly called police after allegedly witnessing Albrecht arguing with a woman and dragging a woman by the throat outside the MGM Grand Hotel. Las Vegas Police said Albrecht smelled of alcohol and was slurring his speech. Police would not release the name of the woman, who is reported 37 years old, declined medical treatment, and stated that she would not cooperate with prosecuting Albrecht. Albrecht later confessed to media sources that he had been a recovering alcoholic, sober for 13 years but two years ago decided he could ‘handle drinking again.’ Albrecht said in his statement, ‘Clearly, I was wrong.’

Actor Jason Wahler’s Jail Sentence Suspended

Actor Jason Wahler of ‘The Hills’ has entered rehab instead of spending 60 days in jail for an assault charge in September of last year. Wahler, 20, has been no stranger to run-ins with the law, giving even the most serious journalists a run for their money with keeping track of his numerous arrests in several states. Wahler was arrested in Seattle last April and charged with assault, criminal trespassing, and underage drinking. In March, he was arrested in Greenville, North Carolina for underage drinking and resisting a public officer. He was also found guilty earlier this year in New York of resisting arrest and bribery. Prosecutors in the Seattle case are seeking ten days in jail, rehab, and a $4,500 fine, according to the Seattle City Attorney spokesperson.

Mel Gibson Praised by Judge for DUI Rehab ‘Success’

A California judge praised actor Mel Gibson for successfully undergoing a rehab program after he made world headlines for drunken, racist, sexist rants against police in Malibu, California when he was arrested for a DUI. At a hearing in Malibu to assess his progress, Judge Lawrence Mira said he was ‘impressed’ with Gibson’s commitment to recovery, though Gibson himself was not present at the hearing. Although Gibson apologized several times for his outbursts, which included calling a female police officer ‘sugar tits’ and saying ‘Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world,’ Gibson is still the butt of many late-night jokes and put a spotlight on celebrity DUIs, raising a higher profile for the many who have received DUIs after him. Gibson’s sentence includes probation for three years, a small fine, and he was ordered to attend AA meetings for nearly one year.

Actor Tom Sizemore from ‘Saving Private Ryan’ Arrested for Drugs

Actor Tom Sizemore was arrested for possession of methamphetamine outside a hotel in Bakersfield, California, after an associate, Jason Salcido, started an argument while attempting to check into the hotel. Police then searched Sizemore’s car and found two bags of suspected methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. Sizemore was arrested and kept at Kern County Jail. He was convicted of methamphetamine possession in 2004 and was still on probation from those charges. Police said Sizemore appeared to be under the influence of drugs at the time of the arrest. If convicted, Sizemore could face a significant jail term.

New York Actor’s Bizarre Robberies Send Him to the Slammer

A prisoner-turned-actor who once appeared on the show ‘Law and Order” has admitted that he robbed several Westchester, New York stores and hotels. David Wayne, whose acting name was David Wayne Britton, admitted to a Westchester County Court that he was the robber deemed ‘The Bomber’ who strapped highway flares to his body and put bandages on his face, claiming that he would blow himself up with ‘dynamite’ if his robbery demands were not met. Wayne was captured last December after a drug store patron recognized him not from his acting roles but from a police sketch. Wayne had spent 14 years in Sing Sing but was released after participating in a ‘Rehabilitation Through the Arts’ program. He had appeared on the television show ‘Law and Order’ and had starred in the play ‘The Exonerated,’ which is about innocent death-row inmates.

Stalker Arrested and Charged for Trying to Run Over Sandra Bullock’s Husband Jesse James with Car

Marcia Valentine of Los Angeles has been charged with allegedly trying to hit actress Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James, with her car. Valentine has been arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. According to comedian George Lopez, whose show is produced by Bullock, the couple has laughing about the incident. Lopez’ wife Ann said, ‘I guess this person had been harassing them for some time and [the incident] was a good thing, because they weren’t able to do put her away before.’

Actor Hugh Grant Arrested for Hurling Baked Beans at Photographer

Actor Hugh Grant was arrested for reportedly throwing a plastic container filled with baked beans at a photographer, according to London police. Photographer Ian Whittaker told Britain’s Daily Star that Grant had kicked him, shouted abuse at him, and then whipped the tub of beans at him. Police did not confirm that Grant had been arrested, but did confirm that a man fitting Grant’s age had been arrested for assault under similar circumstances, and later released on bail.

Indian Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty

A court in India has issued arrest warrants for actor Richard Gere and Indian actress and former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star Shilpa Shetty, saying that a kiss they shared at an AIDS fundraiser ‘transgressed all limits of vulgarity.’ Gere reportedly kissed Shetty in New Delhi, inciting riot in India and provoking a lawsuit from attorney Poonam Cham Bhandar. Judge Dinesh Gupta issued the warrants in Jaipur. Gere and Shetty could be sentenced to three months in jail and/or fined for the offense. Shetty reportedly told an Indian newspaper that Gere was re-enacting moves form the film ‘Shall We Dance’ to entertain the audience.

Actor Daniel Baldwin Cleared of Car Theft

Actor Daniel Baldwin, who just months ago was the subject of an arrest warrant for car theft, has been cleared of the charges by an Orange County district attorney’s office. Baldwin had been arrested last November for stealing a vehicle from a friend for two days. Police reportedly found the vehicle in Baldwin’s possession using a signal from the car’s security system. The owner of the vehicle later insisted that he had given Baldwin permission to drive the car and that the theft report was a misunderstanding. All charges in the case were dismissed.

Classic Car Broker Peter Brotman Sentenced to Prison after Bamboozling Nicolas Cage Out of $300k

Peter Brotman, a classic-car broker who reportedly conned actor Nicolas Cage and other clients out of large sums of money was sentenced to five years in prison and ordered to pay $1.8 million in restitution. Brotman reportedly sold classic cars on consignment for the rich and famous, then kept the money. His attorney blamed ‘cash flow problems’ as the reason that Brotman, 47, did not send proceeds from the sale of a Rolls Royce, an Aston Martin, three Ferraris, a Cobra and a Jaguar to the clients who owned the cars. Actor Nicholas Cage reportedly lost $300,000 when Brotman failed to pay him the full amount of car sales in 2004.

Man Tackled After Alleged Threats to Kill Actress Hillary Duff

Police officers reportedly tackled a man who threatened to kill actress Hilary Duff while she appeared on a television show in Toronto, Canada. Duff was appearing on Live@Much television show when a man in the crowd shouted at Duff and reportedly vowed to kill her. Nearby police tackled the man immediately, though no arrests have been made. Last November, Duff and then-boyfriend Joel Madden obtained restraining orders against Maksim Myaskovsky, 18, for allegedly stalking and threatening to kill Duff.

‘Girls Gone Wild’ Founder Goes to the Hooch for 35 Days

Joe Francis, the founding producer of the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ videos pleaded Guilty to contempt of court and was sentenced to 35 days in jail. Francis was sued by seven women who were minors when he filmed them topless at Panama City Beach in 2003. Francis was found to be in contempt of court during settlement talks, when he reportedly yelled obscenities at the women and questioned a judge’s authority after Francis was ordered to settle his case. Francis goes to jail on April 5 and has reached an undisclosed settlement with the women.

‘Tsotsi’ Actor Presley Chweneyagae Pleads Guilty to Fraud

Actor in Academy Award Winning Film Apologizes for Forging Documents

The South African actor who played the title role in the Oscar-winning movie, ‘Tsotsi’ pleaded guilty to fraud for forging a driver’s license. Presley Chweneyagae, 22, apologized publicly after he entered his plea. ‘I’m only human and sometimes people make mistakes.’ He paid a fine of $714. Chweneyagae was arrested in January for possessing a phony driver’s license from the Ivory Coast, which was made to look like an international driver’s license.

Police Officer Arrested for Guarding Celebrities While Taking LAPD Sick Pay

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Detective Gil Barrow, 37, was arrested on suspicion of grand theft and attempted perjury for collecting LAPD sick pay for knee and foot injuries while he was moonlighting with a security company as a celebrity bodyguard. The police department did not disclose which celebrities Barrow had reportedly guarded, however, a 16-month investigation ended in charges that the detective attempted to defraud the LAPD of its benefits. Barrow is being held on $30k bail and could face up to five years in prison if convicted.

‘That’s So Raven’ Star Orlando Brown Arrested on Drug Charges

‘That’s So Raven’ and Disney star Orlando Brown, 19, was arrested and charged in Houston, TX for possession of marijuana. According to the police report, Brown was reportedly stopped for driving his vehicle without lights on. A court appearance has been set for April 17.

Geoff Knights Guilty of Assaulting Barbados Receptionist

Geoff Knights, infamous boyfriend of former ‘EastEnders’ actress Gillian Taylforth, was found guilty of assaulting a receptionist at a Barbados hotel. Magistrate Ian Weeks found that Knights was guilty of slapping Cylanda Phillips, 25, at the Tamarind Cove Hotel in Barbados. Knights may be sentenced to community service in Britain.

“Girls Gone Wild” Director Joe Francis Arrested

Joe Francis, the founder of the Girls Gone Wild videos, was arrested at a Panama City, Florida airport for contempt of court. Francis had told Fox television reporter Geraldo Rivera that he planned to surrender himself to authorities for reportedly altering the terms of a 2003 court settlement involving seven women, however, airport authorities recognized Francis and arrested him. Francis reportedly told Rivera, “I’m not trying to hide at all.” He is currently being held in a Florida jail.

“Laguna Beach” Star Jason Wahler Arrested for Fourth Time in Nine Months

20-year old “Laguna Beach” bad boy Jason Wahler has been arrested again, this time for reportedly fighting with a security guard and trespassing at a hotel. According to the Los Angeles Times, Wahler reportedly was brawling with another man at the Seattle Marriott Waterfront hotel when a Security Guard ordered him to stop. The police report said Wahler “yelled at the guard, shoved him, punched him in the mouth and then fled.” Wahler was then reportedly found unconscious in a hallway and when awakened, shouted threats and racial slurs at the guard. The Seattle Police Department has requested that Wahler be charged with misdemeanor counts of assault and criminal trespassing. This most recent arrest was his fourth in just nine months. Prior arrests include reportedly assaulting a tow truck driver, resisting arrest for underage drinking, and possessing a controlled substance.

Actor Martin Sheen: ‘I’ve Been Arrested 65 Times’

The San Francisco Chronicle has reported that Martin Sheen claims that he has been arrested 65 times in the past 20 years. The most recent arrest was a police citation this year for trespassing on a Nevada nuclear test site. Sheen reportedly told the British magazine Empire that he fondly remembers his first arrest, also in protest of nuclear initiatives. However, Sheen was also quick to add that he has never been sentenced to more than ‘a little bit’ of jail time. Sheen played the role of U.S. President on the television show ‘The West Wing.’

Former “Family Ties” Child Actor Brian Bonsall Arrested

Brian Bonsall, the actor who played Andy Keaton, the youngest sibling on the NBC television series, “Family Ties,” was arrested in Boulder, CO and charged with second degree assault and false imprisonment after an apparent domestic dispute with his girlfriend, Lindsay Dunavan. Dunavan was also arrested, but released. Bonsall is being held in Boulder County Jail on $5,000 bond. After the hit television series “Family Ties” was canceled, Bonsall, 25, appeared in the movie “Blank Check” and guest starred in “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ Alleged Stalker Arrested

Emily Leatherman Also Reportedly Stalked John Cusack

The woman who was once arrested for stalking actor John Cusack has been arrested for now stalking Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes outside the couple’s Beverly Hills home. Emily Leatherman, 32, was arrested for possessing stolen property and for violating a 3-year court order to not stalk celebrities. The stolen items were reportedly not property of Cruise nor Holmes. Leatherman is being held on $45,000 bond in a Los Angeles area jail.

Actor Keanu Reeves Questioned After Paparazzi Incident

Police have questioned actor Keanu Reeves after he reportedly ran over a photographer with his vehicle. Alison Silva, a Brazilian photographer, said he was thrown over the hood of Reeves’ car after he took photos of the actor leaving a local clinic. Silva was treated for a broken wrist and other injuries. Police questioned the actor, who reportedly said he was unaware that he’d run over the photographer until he heard the man exclaim, “Ah, my knee,” and he immediately stopped. Reeves was released after questioning. Police have not yet said whether charges will be filed.

Actor Jonathan Simanton Charged with Sexual Abuse

Actor Jonathan Simanton of Yorba Linda, CA, a 3-foot-6-inch actor who has appeared in several film and television roles, including ‘Surviving Christmas,’ has been arrested for three counts of sexual abuse against a teenager. Simanton was visiting his sister in Scottsdale, AZ when a teenager hired to babysit the sister’s children alleged that Simanton made suggestive comments to her and touched her breasts, according to Scottsdale police. The actor told police he had been drinking, however, the teenager reportedly told police that the actor was sober. Simanton was released on $4,500 bond and is scheduled to appear at a preliminary hearing March 29.

Man Accused of Stealing Paris Hilton’s $100k Watch

Reuters news service has reported that a baggage screener employed by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration has been charged with stealing a $100,000 watch from Paris Hilton’s luggage. Eleven others have been charged with stealing property from passengers at Los Angeles International Airport. George Penaranda, 27, was reportedly spotted by a co-worker taking a watch from Hilton’s bag and slipping it into his pocket in May 2006. Penaranda, after reportedly realizing the co-worker saw him take the object, replaced it, according to a Los Angeles City Attorney spokesperson. Penaranda is charged with grand theft and could face one year in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted. The arrest was part of a larger sting operation involving a task force of several law enforcement agencies focusing on preventing airport theft.

Naomi Campbell Starts Court-Ordered Maid Job

Model Naomi Campbell reportedly showed up for her first day of a court-ordered sentence to mop floors New York’s sanitation department wearing stiletto heels and carrying work boots in a designer bag. Campbell was sentenced to the community service as part of the assault case brought against her by her former maid, Anna Scolavino, who required stitches in her scalp after Campbell reportedly beat her with a mobile phone. The court has allowed Campbell to clean ‘behind the scenes’ to avoid a media frenzy like the one that surrounded pop star Boy George when he was sentenced to sweep streets last summer. While serving her cleaning sentence, Campbell will be wearing fashions designed by the sanitation department: an orange reflector vest and work gloves. She has vowed to auction her cleaning attire to help charity.

Fashion Designer Anand Jon Alexander Accused of Sexual Assault by Seven Women

The Associated Press has reported that celebrity fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander has been accused of sexual assault by seven people. Alexander, 33, has been in jail since early March on $1.3 million bail after a woman had accused him of criminal sexual assault. Officials subsequently found evidence against him in six other cases, including assault against a teenage girl. Alexander’s apparel has been worn publicly by Paris Hilton, Mary J. Blige, and Michelle Rodriguez. His attorney has denied the allegations.

Tatum O’Neal Speaks About Brawl between Ryan and Griffin O’Neal

Oscar winner Tatum O’Neal, estranged daughter of actor Ryan O’Neal and sister to Griffin, has spoken to the New York Times about the assault charges against her father. ‘There’s no excuse for firing a gun,’ she said, ‘There’s no excuse for that kind of behavior, period.’ O’Neal reportedly said she felt sick when she heard about the incident in which Ryan O’Neal was arrested after a fight with son Griffin O’Neal in Malibu. Ryan O’Neal reportedly fired a gun at Griffin and injured Griffin’s pregnant girlfriend. Tatum O’Neal also said that despite Ryan’s ‘inexplicable meanness,’ over the years, she ultimately hoped that she would reconnect with her father, according to the New York Times. Tatum O’Neal is the youngest actress to win an Academy Award, for her role as the daughter of a con man in ‘Paper Moon’ which she co-starred her father.

Actor Lane Garrison Charged with DUI Manslaughter

The Los Angeles Times has reported that actor Lane Garrison has been charged with vehicular manslaughter in the death of a high school student who was a passenger in Garrison’s car when it crashed into a tree in December of last year. Garrison was reportedly under the influence of alcohol and cocaine at the time. In a Beverly Hills Superior Court, Garrison was asked by Judge Elden S. Fox if he wanted to plead ‘Not Guilty.’ Garrison reportedly responded, ‘No, your honor.’ Garrison’s high profile criminal defense attorney, Harland Braun, told reporters, ‘Mr. Garrison feels a deep sense of responsibility.The only question is the level of responsibility.’ Garrison was released on $100,000 bond. An arraignment was scheduled for April 11.

Jason Wahler Sentenced to 60 Days in Jail

Jason Wahler, star of ‘Laguna Beach,’ was sentenced to 60 days in the county jail and 36 months’ probation after pleading ‘No Contest’ to misdemeanor assault charges, according to CBS news. Wahler was also arrested recently in North Carolina and charged with underaged drinking and resisting a public officer.

Survivor’s Alex Angarita Charged with Resisting Arrest; Battery

‘Survivor: Fiji’ contestant Alex Angarita appeared at a Los Angeles County Superior Court hearing on two felony charges of resisting arrest and one felony charge of battery to a peace officer. Angarita also faced one charge of possession of marijuana. According to the National Enquirer, Angarita was involved in a fight with his girlfriend when police were called to arrest the Harvard Law graduate. Angarita was released on $20,000 bond after the incident. His hearing will be continued on March 14.

Underaged ‘Laguna Beach’ Reality TV Star Jason Wahler Arrested in Nightclub Raid

Former ‘Laguna Beach’ reality TV star Jason Wahler, 20, was arrested and charged for underage drinking and resisting a public officer during a nightclub raid in North Carolina. According to police reports, Wahler lied about his age to members of the Alcohol Law Enforcement division when they raided the Rumors nightclub in Greenville, NC. The arrest could possibly violate a prior arrest and probation for battery.

Model Naomi Campbell Denies Anger Problem after Assault Arrests

Model Naomi Campbell told GQ magazine that her arrests for attacking staff members are not indicative of an underlying anger problem. Campbell, 36, said, ‘I don’t have any more anger problems than anyone else except that I am in the public eye and when I do something wrong I have to pay for it.’ Campbell, who pleaded guilty recently to attacking her maid with a cell phone, will soon begin five days of community service as part of her sentence. She had a similar run in with another staff member before that. Campbell revealed to GQ that she now channels rage by boxing: ‘In London I hit a man’s mitts, but in Los Angeles they let you put on the headgear and really box. It calms me down.’

Woman Prankster Arrested for Handcuffing Herself to Hugh Grant

The star of a Dutch television show was arrested for handcuffing herself to actor Hugh Grant while he walked down the red carpet at the Amsterdam premiere of his latest movie, ‘Music and Lyrics.’ Cielke Sijben reportedly ran up to Grant and slipped a handcuff on his left wrist. Grant had to reportedly wait ten minutes for firefighters to free him from the woman. According to a report in the New York Daily News, after the woman told Grant she didn’t have a key, he reportedly told her, ‘I am trying to be with my fans and you are pissing me off.’

Bam Margera’s Uncle Don Vito Margera Charged With Sexually Assaulting Minors

Vincent ‘Don Vito’ Margera, the 50-year old uncle of MTV’s ‘Viva La Bam’ star Bam Margera, has been ordered to stand trial for three counts of sexual assault against children. Don Vito Margera has been accused of groping three girls, all under the age of 15, at a promotional appearance for the ‘Viva La Bam’ show and will face trial in March. The three girls claim they had hoped to get autographs from Bam Margera when they were groped by the uncle. Margera is free on $50,000 bail.

Oscar Nominated Actor Mark Wahlberg Admits to Troubled Youth

Oscar nominee and former rap star Mark Wahlberg admitted that he had been arrested ’20 or 25 times’ during his youth, according to recent media reports. The former high school dropout, who rose to fame as rap star ‘Marky Mark’ and then to acting fame in the movie ‘Boogie Nights’ claimed he had many brushes with the law as a youth and had served 45 days of a 90-day sentence for assault when he was 16. Wahlberg was recently nominated for his critically acclaimed performance in ‘The Departed.’

LAPD Investigating Actor James Blunt for Hit and Run, Says TMZ

TMZ has reported that the Los Angeles Police department is investigating actor James Blunt’s car accident for possible ‘hit and run’ charges. Blunt allegedly drove over a fan’s leg in Hollywood after a party. Blunt was accompanied by model Petra Nemcova when the accident allegedly occurred. A spokesperson for Blunt told TMZ that the victim was a photographer who had been swarming the actor’s car.

‘Oz’ Star May Face Prison Time if Found Guilty of Homicide

‘Oz’ actor Granville Adams was charged with criminally negligent homicide for an early February incident at the New York nightclub ‘Bed’ in which he reportedly threw a man against an elevator while trying to break up a fight. The elevator doors opened when Zahir Arif, 43, fell against them, causing him to fall four stories and die. Adams was working as a host at the club and had been reportedly hit on the back of the head with a beer bottle.

Actor Daniel Baldwin Goes to Court on Grand Theft Auto

Actor Daniel Baldwin, 46, finally appeared in court on two felony charges of stealing an SUV. Baldwin originally failed to show in court because he was filming a movie, and a judge issued a $25,000 warrant for his arrest. Baldwin appeared in a Newport Beach Criminal Court with his attorney and the ‘victim’ of the alleged car theft crime, Baldwin’s friend Kenneth Smith. Baldwin pleaded ‘Not Guilty’ to charges of receiving stolen property and unlawfully taking a vehicle. Though both Smith and Baldwin have said the 2003 incident was a ‘mistake,’ the Orange County District Attorney’s office refused to drop the charges. A pretrial hearing has been set for May 1.

American Idol Contestant Arrested

Celebrity news website TMZ has reported that a man who auditioned for the popular TV show ‘American Idol’ had a recent run-in with authorities. Leroy Wells, a 2005 contestant, was arrested recently after he reportedly ‘charged’ at deputies and had to be subdued with a Taser gun. Wells was charged with reckless driving, six counts of resisting arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia, and attempting to flee. TMZ also reported that the father of former ‘American Idol’ contestant Kellie Pickler has been arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife at their North Carolina home. Clyde ‘Bo’ Pickler had also spent three years in prison for stabbing his neighbor.

Omar Sharif’s Battery Plea Deal: Egyptian Anger Management Classes, Probation, and $100 Fine

According to the Associated Press, actor Omar Sharif, 74, was ordered by a Superior Court judge to attend 15 anger management classes after accepting a plea deal for reportedly assaulting a Beverly Hills parking valet. Sharif’s high-powered celebrity attorney, Harland Braun, entered a lesser plea of No Contest to a single misdemeanor battery charge in exchange for a $100 fine, two years probation and the anger classes. The judge also ruled that Sharif can take the anger management classes in Egypt, where he now lives. Sharif allegedly struck valet Juan Anderson outside a restaurant in 2005. Sharif will pay Anderson’s medical bills, however, the amount he will pay will be determined in a hearing set for April 18.

Ryan O’Neal Arrest: Fight Caused by Son Chained to Staircase

TMZ has reported that the fight between actor Ryan O’Neal and his son Griffin, which ended in an arrest for Ryan O’Neal, was over a dispute regarding O’Neal’s son with Farrah Fawcett, Redmond O’Neal. Ryan O’Neal reportedly returned home to find that Griffin had handcuffed his brother Redmond to a staircase. According to TMZ, Ryan O’Neal tripped over Redmond and became enraged. Police officers were called to the home after Griffin’s pregnant girlfriend called 911, claiming to be hurt. Ryan O’Neal was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Actor Daniel Baldwin Will Appear in Court for Felony Car Theft

Actor Daniel Baldwin has announced that he will appear in a Newport Beach court to answer for the warrant that was issued for his arrest. Baldwin failed to appear in court on felony car theft charges stemming from a 2003 incident in which Baldwin, 46, allegedly was arrested for driving a friend’s SUV to Santa Monica. The friend had reported the car stolen two days prior to Baldwin’s arrest. Baldwin is also facing two misdemeanor charges of possessing drug paraphernalia and driving under the influence.

Omar Sharif Goes on Trial for Allegedly Beating Parking Attendant

Legendary actor Omar Sharif, 75, will go to trial in Beverly Hills, for a misdemeanor battery charge involving a parking attendant. The ‘Dr. Zhivago’ star is accused of beating the worker and calling him ‘a stupid Mexican’ after the attendant refused to accept Euros instead of American dollars. Sharif’s attorney, high-powered legal eagle Harland Braun, unsuccessfully requested that a Beverly Hills judge allow Sharif, who lives in Egypt, to testify via live satellite. Sharif is not required to appear in court, as the charge is a misdemeanor. The parking attendant is also suing Sharif for $750,000. Braun told TMZ that the case was ‘designed to shake Mr. Sharif down.’

Ryan O’Neal 911 Tape Released After Arrest

The 911 tape recording of a frantic JoAnne Berry, pregnant girlfriend of Ryan O’Neal’s son, has been released. O’Neal was arrested recently for allegedly assaulting and firing a weapon at his son and his girlfriend, Berry. Berry reportedly told a 911 operator, ‘I got hit by something. I can’t see. Help me! Help me!’ Sheriff’s deputies arrested Ryan O’Neal at his Malibu home for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon and negligent discharge of a firearm. He was booked and release. O’Neal has stated publicly that he was defending himself in the altercation. In 1983, Ryan O’Neal reportedly knocked out two of his son Griffin’s teeth; however, no charges were filed. Meanwhile, Griffin O’Neal has had a history of drug and alcohol problems, and was involved in a 1986 boating accident that killed Gian-Carlo Coppola, son of director Francis Ford Coppola.

Actor Playing Disney’s ‘Goofy’ Character Arrested for Child Porn

An employee of Walt Disney World in Florida who dressed as the characters Goofy and Beast from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ has been arrested on 51 counts of child pornography. Matthew Wendland, 20, reportedly had images in his bedroom computer of children in sexual poses, according to an Orange County Sheriff’s report. Wendland reportedly was hired by Disney in July and was suspended indefinitely without pay, pending the outcome of the charges, according to Disney spokesperson Kim Pruinty.

Actor Ryan O’Neal Arrested for Assaulting His Son

Actor Ryan O’Neal has been charged with assaulting his son Griffin with a deadly weapon, in his Malibu, CA home. Ryan was released on a $50,000 bond and had reportedly fired a gun at his son. A spokesperson for Ryan said he was defending himself against son Griffin, who was allegedly swinging a ‘fireplace poker’ in the air. According to attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing Griffin O’Neal and his pregnant girlfriend, Joanna Berry, Ryan O’Neal injured Berry in the brawl, causing her to suffer blunt head trauma, abrasions, and facial lacerations.

Warrant Issued for Actor Daniel Baldwin

Actor Failed to Appear in Court on Grand Theft Auto Charges

An Orange County Superior Court has issued a warrant for the arrest of actor Daniel Baldwin, after he failed to appear in court for grand theft auto charges stemming from an incident last November in which Baldwin allegedly stole a vehicle and drove it to Santa Monica, CA. Baldwin told the Detroit Free Press that the warrant is a ‘mistake’ and that he is sober and working on his career. Baldwin is in Michigan filming a movie called ‘Little Red Devil’ in which he plays the devil. Baldwin’s manager, Daniel Spilo, reportedly disputed the arrest warrant, telling Associated Press, ‘You guys need to get your facts straight and call us back.’ If convicted, Baldwin could face up to three years in prison.

Naomi Campbell Pleads Guilty To Misdemeanor Assault

Model Reportedly Hit Maid with a Cell Phone

Model Naomi Campbell pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge for reportedly hitting her maid with a cell phone. Campbell told Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Robert Mandelbaum that she had thrown a cell phone and it unintentionally hit the maid. Campbell’s maid, Ana Scolavino, was treated for a head injury after being hit by the cell phone. In exchange for pleading guilty, Campbell will pay Scolavino’s medical expenses, do five days of community service, and attend an anger management class. Campbell has had several former employees file assault charges against her in the past seven years.

‘Armed and Famous’ Arrestees Get Court Dates

Court dates have been set for three Muncie, IN residents who appeared on the ‘Armed and Famous’ television show in which celebrities counsel real-life people during arrests. Rebecca Fultz, 23, is scheduled to stand trial February 27 in a Delaware Circuit Court on a charge of cocaine possession. Fultz has had a history of possession charges and has been offered a plea deal on the recent charge. She was counseled on the show by Jack Osbourne, celebrity son of infamously incoherent rocker Ozzy Osbourne. The younger Osbourne has admitted to struggling with substance abuse himself and entered rehab several years ago.

Erik Estrada, former star of ‘CHIPS’ and the reality TV show ‘The Surreal Life’ counseled Raymond Keith Baird, 44, who will stand trial in June for fleeing police officers after being accused of stealing a backhoe, then being brought down and bitten by a police dog. He is charged with Class C felony theft. Amanda Keihn, 23, was counseled by La Toya Jackson after she was arrested for allegedly stealing money from a cash register. She will stand trial on June 4.

Ivory Coast Man Linked in Court to Tsotsi Actor Presley Chweneyagae

The Ivory Coast man who allegedly sold a fake drivers license to Presley Chweneyagae, star of the award-winning movie Tsotsi, appeared in the Pretoria Magistrate’s court on a charge of fraud. Keita Tidiane is an Ivory Coast national who was allegedly found in possession of counterfeit stamps and documents similar to Ivory Coast drivers’ licenses. Chweneyagae also appeared in the court after being arrested for allegedly possessing a phony driver’s license. Ivory Coast licenses are an illegal commodity because they can be converted into international driver’s licenses.

Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore Talk about Grant’s 1995 Arrest

Hugh Grant revealed to Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper recently that actress Drew Barrymore had sent him a supportive letter after he was arrested for hiring a prostitute in 1995 on Hollywood Boulevard. Grant, who stars with Barrymore in a new romantic comedy called ‘Music and Lyrics,’ said he was touched to receive Barrymore’s words of comfort after he was caught with call girl Divine Brown. Grant said, ‘I had two incredibly supportive letters from famous people during my scandal in 1995. One was from Drew, the other was from Frances Ford Coppola. Both apologizing for the press coverage and being supportive. I’ve always loved Drew for that.’ Barrymore admitted that, even though she didn’t personally know Grant at the time, she felt compelled to write to him.

Award Winning Actor Arrested for Fraud

An actor who starred in the Academy Award-winning movie ‘Tsotsi’ has been arrested for fraud in Pretoria, South Africa for allegedly possessing a fake Ivory Coast driver’s license. Ivory Coast drivers licenses can sometimes be purchased from South Africa syndicate members and converted into international driver’s licenses. Chweneyagae is currently out on bail. ‘Tsotsi’ won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language film in 2006.