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While they may not all be household names, business moguls can especially be interesting when examining their massive fortunes. With that said, many business magnates have found themselves on the wrong side of the law in the past. Whether it’s for embezzling, deceptive practices or other criminal charges, these business celebrities may be able to afford high-ticket criminal defense attorneys, but that still may not be enough to escape the swift and cool hand of justice.

Follow the latest arrests involving the biggest business celebrities and be sure to check out our other Celebrity Arrest Spotlight sections for the most recent and unusual arrests involving the biggest names in the entertainment, music, sports and political worlds.

Celebrity Business Arrests Updated June 15, 2007

Korean Karaoke Revenge: Tycoon Kim Seung-youn Jailed for Beating Up Bartenders Mafia-Style

The Associated Press has reported that CEO tycoon of an explosives and chemical company was arrested in Seoul, South Korea in a bizarre Karaoke incident in which he was allegedly defending his son’s honor. Kim Seung-youn’s 22-year old son, who is also named Kim, is a student at Yale University and reportedly required 11 stitches after a bar fight outside a Seoul nightclub. Not long after the fight, the powerful tycoon was arrested for reportedly taking club employees to a rural area with his bodyguards and using a 5-foot steel pipe to attack them, allegedly kicking and beating them in the assault. Reports in Korean newspapers have also said that Kim used an electroshock device on the employees, though Kim has denied using a steel pipe and the electroshock device in the beatings. He apologized publicly and told reporters after his court hearing, ‘I hope there never will be a silly father like me again.’ Seung-youn is South Korea’s ninth richest man, reportedly worth $900 million.

Classic Car Broker Peter Brotman Sentenced to Prison after Bamboozling Nicolas Cage Out of $300k

Peter Brotman, a classic-car broker who reportedly conned actor Nicolas Cage and other clients out of large sums of money was sentenced to five years in prison and ordered to pay $1.8 million in restitution. Brotman reportedly sold classic cars on consignment for the rich and famous, then kept the money. His defense attorney blamed ‘cash flow problems’ as the reason that Brotman, 47, did not send proceeds from the sale of a Rolls Royce, an Aston Martin, three Ferraris, a Cobra and a Jaguar to the clients who owned the cars. Actor Nicholas Cage reportedly lost $300,000 when Brotman failed to pay him the full amount of car sales in 2004.

Popular Bling Man “Jacob the Jeweler” Loses Appeal on Money Laundering Case

Jacob Arabov, 41, the man known to rappers and celebrities as “Jacob the Jeweler” will face trial in Detroit, MI on federal money-laundering charges. The dapper jeweler who caters to celebrities worldwide was arrested in June of last year for reportedly laundering almost $270 million in drug profits for a drug ring that operates outside Detroit, MI. Arabov’s attorney had motioned to move the trial to New York to cut costs, but a U.S. District Court judge in Detroit denied the motion. Jacob’s signature line of jewelry from Jacob & Co. has catered to such celebrities as Jessica Simpson, Kanya West, and Diddy.

Wife of Celebrity Chef Marco Pierre White Arrested for Assault

Mati Pierre White, the wife of celebrity chef Marco Pierre White, was arrested for assault and a spent a night in jail after reportedly arguing with a diner in one of her husband’s restaurants. According to Scotland Yard, police were called to Frankie’s Italian Bar and Grill in tony Knightsbridge, London after Mati, 42, reportedly lashed out at a male diner who criticized her for allowing her children to drink alcohol. The man reportedly suffered welts and scratches on the side of his face, but did not require medical treatment. The multi-millionaire chef’s wife was released without being charged, after the man withdrew allegations against her. Mati’s recent arrest is just one incident in a long string of recent incidents in which she has been noted to publicly yell, scream, or on one occasion last month, allegedly hurled a wine glass at her husband and told stunned diners that she was going to file for divorce.