After Bizarre DUI Arrest, Beer Cans Litter Interstate

Sometimes a DUI arrest is more than just a police officer pulling over a drunk driver, doing a field sobriety test and then the long haul down to the station for a breath test. In some cases, the whole incident is nothing short of crazy.

Case in point:

When deputies in St. Johns County, Fla., arrested 26-year-old William Joseph Galloway for a variety of charges, including DUI, he told them that he was going to die “fighting and swinging.”

It certainly did seem that Galloway wanted to die on October 2 when he led police on a 115 mph chase with no headlights on, weaving in and out of traffic during a heavy rain storm. He was reportedly throwing beer cans out of the window of his truck while he raced down I-95, in the dark, trying to evade the police. At one point during the chase, police thought they saw him going for a gun in his glove compartment. It all sounds like a death wish, doesn’t it? Perhaps his criminal defense attorney will plead insanity.

The bizarre high speed chase started in Flagler County, Fla., when police spotted the white truck driving on the interstate with no headlights on at 7:30 pm, and ended in St. Johns County when Galloway spun off of the road and crashed into some trees.

As police approached the wrecked truck with Galloway inside, he proved that he was feeling no pain by rolling down the driver’s side window, taking a sip of his beer and extending his middle finger at the officers.

Galloway then refused to get out of the truck and again started to reach for his glove compartment, where police had previously believed they saw a gun. At that point an officer fired his Taser gun at Galloway in a 15-second burst. Even while he was being Tasered, Galloway continued to struggle and told the officers that he would fight them all if he had not been incapacitated by the Taser gun.

Police called a rescue unit when Galloway passed out several times at the scene. He told police that he had been drinking alcohol all day and had also been using methamphetamine.

He was taken to the hospital in Flagler, Florida to be evaluated and then taken to jail in St. Johns County. He was charged with driving under the influence (DUI), driving with a suspended or revoked license, aggravated fleeing, attempting to elude and resisting arrest without violence. He was held at the jail in lieu of $8,000 bail.

It’s odd that he wasn’t also charged with littering, but I suppose they might have been running low on paper after filling out the police report on this guy! Perhaps if he is convicted of DUI and receives some type of community service as part of his sentence, he could go pick up all of those beer cans!

When police searched the truck after this crazy DUI arrest, they did not find a gun. So other than just having a death wish, there is no telling why Galloway kept reaching for his glove compartment.