Fashion Designer Anand Jon Indicted for Over 100 Counts of Rape and Sexual Assault

Celebrity fashion designer Anand Jon, who has dressed celebrities such as Nadja Swarovski Alanis Morrisette, Lawrence Fishburn, Prince and Mary J. Blige, and appeared on television hit America’s Next Top Model, had been known as a fashion wunderkind in celebrity circles for his young success.

With a new reality television show in the works and a new line of designer jeans slated to hit shelves this fall, Jon was about to make the leap from celebrity notoriety to becoming a household name.

Before all that was to happen, however, Jon found himself in the kind of trouble that ruins careers and lives when he was faced with criminal charges and a real need to call his criminal defense attorney.

On October 4, Jon was indicted by a Los Angeles County, California grand jury on a stunning 59 charges of rape and sexual assault.

The Indian-born Jon now has a total collection of sexual assault charges that tops 100. Earlier in June, 46 sexual assault-related charges were brought against Jon by another Los Angeles County grand jury.

After twelve women had been named in a criminal complaint by the L.A. District Attorney’s in April, six more came forward, bringing the total for the June charges to 18 women. Now, the total number of women who have alleged that Jon raped or assaulted them is 20.

The victims named in the criminal investigation range in age from 14 to 27, and are all in some way connected with Jon through the fashion industry. The District Attorney’s office says that the women and girls were lured by Jon over the Internet with promises of modeling for him or signing a contract that would make them famous, then assaulted.

The incidents in question from which the charges arise reportedly took place between November 2002 and March 2007.

The counts brought against Jon include forcible rape, lewd acts upon a child, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, sexual battery by restraint, sexual penetration by a foreign object, sodomy by use of force and attempted forcible oral copulation.

And the Los Angeles County charges are just a smaller part of what could be a very massive set of charges indeed. Currently, Jon is being investigated in connection with other incidents in Texas, New York and Massachusetts.

If Jon is convicted of all charges in a jury trial, he faces life in prison.

Convict behind bars - What effect could a criminal conviction have on your life?

However, Jon pleaded not guilty to the previous charges, stating through his defense attorney that the sex he had with the women was consensual and that his accusers are trying to get back at him for not making them famous.

Jon’s sister, designer and activist Sanjana Jon, held a gala benefit for her brother in September in order to raise issues of civil rights violations in regard to his current incarceration. Anand Jon is currently being held in a Los Angeles jail awaiting a court appearance, at which prosecuting attorneys will request bail to be set at $5.1 million. Jon’s passport has also been confiscated.

However, if even a few of the long list of charges presented against Jon hold up, no show of solidarity, no matter how expensive or stunning, will be able to rescue him from facing life in prison.