Little League Dad Jailed for Threatening Coach

Wade Campbell has been sent to jail for threatening to shoot his son’s little league coach “like a dog,” according to a story. Campbell was convicted of violating Minnesota’s statute prohibiting the making of terroristic threats. Minnesota Statutes, Section 609.713. The statute makes it a felony to threaten to commit a crime of violence with the “purpose to terrorize another.”

During a little league baseball game, Campbell reportedly became irate at his son for striking out. When asked to leave the dugout, Campbell became belligerent and made racist remarks toward the boy’s coach and his relatives. He later returned to the dugout and threatened to punch the opposing coach when he tried to get Campbell to leave. The incident continued for a couple of days, culminating with an angry phone call to the home of his son’s coach. The prosecutor told the court that Campbell told the coach’s family “he was on his way to their home to shoot them.”

The prosecutor charged Campbell with a bias crime, but the jury decided he did not act out of bigotry. The bias charge could have given Campbell a sentence of up to five years in prison.

The Minnesota statute calls for a sentence of up to five years in prison and a fine up to $10,000 for threatening to commit a crime of violence with the purpose to terrorize. However, the Minneapolis – St. Paul Star – Tribune reports that Campbell faces only a sentence of up to one year and a day in prison. The statutes provide a sentence of one year and a day for anyone brandishing a replica firearm in order to terrorize.

Apparently, Campbell’s criminal defense attorney must have convinced the jury must have given Campbell a break.

Following his trial, Campbell was held was held without bail for safety reasons. The judge said he had no knowledge of threats made against, or by Campbell, but said “there’s been a lot of talk out there in the community. This is for the best.”