Washington Criminal Defense

If you are under investigation for a crime, talk to a Washington Criminal Defense Attorney right away!

Don’t waste any time finding out what steps you need to take in order to protect your future. Any mistakes you make regarding your case can lead to more severe penalties. Prison time is not the only thing you have to worry about. Your sentence could include hefty fines, probation, registration requirements, and restriction on other personal freedoms.

If your freedoms are important to you, consider contacting a Washington criminal defense attorney before answering any more questions from the investigators.

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A Washington criminal defense attorney can explain your rights as they are guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Just knowing that you can have an attorney present for questioning if you are arrested could greatly impact your case. The police may use many tactics to attempt to get you to say things which may not be in your best interest. You can be prepared for this questioning ahead of time by consulting with a criminal defense lawyer.

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