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You may already understand how the United States constitution guarantees your rights will be protected. The criminal court system was designed with these rights in mind.

The problem is that the police and prosecuting attorneys have a different agenda. They want to see convictions for crimes, sometimes using whatever methods it takes to do so. Consider having a Virginia criminal defense lawyer on your side to tell you how your rights are holding up.

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Sometimes arresting officers will conduct an illegal search and seizure or neglect to read the Miranda warnings to the person they are placing under arrest. It can be difficult for someone without legal training to determine whether his or her rights are being protected. Without that protection, you can risk facing more serious penalties than you would if your rights are preserved.

If the arresting officers convince you to make a statement before your attorney arrives, then you could say something that might be used against you later. Even seemingly innocuous statements may come back to haunt you.

A sponsoring Virginia criminal defense attorney in your area is willing to provide a consultation for you to discuss your case. Whether or not you hire this attorney, you could gain valuable insight into the criminal court process.

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