Vermont Criminal Defense

Get Advice From a Vermont Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether you’ve been charged with crime, arrested, or find yourself under investigation, a Vermont criminal defense attorney can give you advice that may resolve your case more favorably. Vermont criminal courts tend to proceed quickly. You should know your rights and have a strategy to navigate through the criminal court system before you go to court.

Free Case Evaluation

A Vermont criminal defense attorney can assess your case and may be able to find a flaw that could lead to dismissal. Were you read your Miranda rights when arrested? Was your home or car unreasonably searched?

Even when your Vermont criminal lawyer cannot get your case dismissed, he or she may be able to find a minor flaw that could lead to a lesser charge or allow for a more favorable bargain, reducing or eliminating your jail time. Your Vermont criminal defense attorney may help you understand your position before you go to court.

A Vermont Criminal Defense Attorney Can Explain the Full Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

You may already know that a criminal conviction may lead to a jail sentence, but you may not know the full consequences of a conviction for a crime. Beyond any jail time the court may impose upon conviction in your case, your criminal history may impact your ability to find employment or to drive. Depending on the type of job you’re applying for, some employers perform background checks.

A conviction for a crime of violence or dishonesty may disqualify you from certain jobs. A Vermont criminal defense attorney can explain how a conviction for a white collar crime can affect your future job prospects before you speak to the prosecuting attorney or appear in court.

The increase in consequences if convicted for a second or third crime can be dramatic. Many states have repeat offender laws that could require the court to impose a minimum jail sentence. Even when you’ve been charged as a repeat offender, a Vermont criminal defense lawyer may be able to examine your criminal history and find a fact that could reduce your penalty.

Seek Advice From a Vermont Criminal Defense Attorney Now

The Vermont criminal court system can be confusing. You need to know how to meet critical deadlines and notice requirements. Discover critical evidence that could lead to dismissal or a lessening of the charges in your case.

If you’ve been arrested, charged, or are under investigation for a crime, schedule a consultation with a Vermont criminal defense attorney before you act. Call us toll free at 877-445-1059 or just fill out our free online case evaluation form to schedule your no-obligation consultation today.