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Even if you feel your chances of winning your case are nil, give a South Carolina criminal defense attorney a chance to take a look at your case. The law is so complicated that sometimes cases that appear hopeless for the accused can be won.

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The police have been known to make errors; some can cost the prosecution their case. If the police conduct an illegal search and seizure of property or neglect to read an accused criminal their rights before arresting them, then the prosecution’s case will be compromised. These types of errors can result in the accused receiving a reduced sentence.

If you’re facing jail time for a crime, you do not want to make any bad decisions. Otherwise, you may risk losing other freedoms like owning a handgun or the ability to live wherever you want without having to register with the state.

Your can learn more about your Constitutional rights and other valuable information about criminal charges by talking to a lawyer. We also want to make sure you take advantage of a consultation with a South Carolina criminal defense attorney. All you have to do is fill out the free no-obligation online case evaluation form on this page or call our toll-free number 877-445-1059 and we’ll get your appointment set up.

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