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Even if this is your first arrest for a crime, you could still face severe penalties. Make sure you do everything you can to handle your case carefully. Any mistakes you make can cost you your freedoms. Your job and your freedom are important to your well being. In order for an attorney to help you, he or she will need to hear your account of the criminal investigation and subsequent arrest.

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The Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer may be able to help you make sure your rights have been and continue to be protected. Your rights are guaranteed by the United States Constitution. That means the police have no right to perform an illegal search and seizure of your property. You also have the right to have your lawyer present while you are questioned, and to be advised of that right once you are in custody. If any of these rights are violated, then your defense may be stronger.

Take a look around our Web site to learn how a good defense strategy may help your chance of winning your case or reducing your penalties. You may learn a lot more about your options by meeting with a Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney. In order to set up your consultation, fill out the free online case evaluation form or call us toll-free at 877-445-1059.

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