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Total Criminal Defense provides some general information about your rights, including the different ways you may be able to challenge a criminal conviction. A Nevada criminal defense lawyer may be able to explain exactly which penalties you may face if you are convicted of a crime.

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Some crimes carry mandatory minimum jail sentences while other crimes may have consequences that are more variable. You should also realize that a conviction might affect your insurance rates, your ability to work in a school or church, and possibly your right to own a handgun.

A Nevada criminal defense lawyer can explain these consequences in more detail. Since each state has its own set of laws, it makes sense to have a Nevada criminal defense lawyer review your case and explain the penalties to you.

Let A Nevada Criminal Defense Lawyer Explain Options To Consider In Dealing With Your Recent Criminal Charges

A Nevada criminal defense lawyer should walk you through your rights, options and the legal process timeline.

Each criminal case is unique in that the person charged is different and may or may not be willing to take risks or address difficult issues. At the same time, the evidence in some cases is stronger than it is in others.

A criminal defense attorney can explain your options to you. After that, the decisions are yours: you ultimately get to decide which attorney to hire and whether you want to fight the charges against you or pursue a plea agreement.

A Nevada Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Analyze Your Case For Weaknesses

Serious flaws can hurt the prosecution’s case and may mean a reduction of charges is possible. Your attorney may also determine if any errors were made during the arrest which could help him or her negotiate a more favorable plea agreement.

The court system is complex and can be difficult to navigate. Let a Nevada criminal defense lawyer provide you with a roadmap for your case. All you need to do to get this valuable information is fill out our free online evaluation form. We will be happy to connect you with a local criminal defense attorney for a no-obligation consultation. Call us right now toll-free at 877-445-1059. We’ll connect you with an attorney in your area so you can be sure you are making decisions based on all the information available to you. Contact us today!