Nebraska Criminal Defense

Talk to a Nebraska Criminal Defense Attorney Before you Act

If you’re under investigation for a crime, have been arrested, or charged, a Nebraska criminal defense attorney can help you understand your options before you act. You may need to know how to meet critical deadlines and obtain evidence that could be essential to your case.

Free Case Evaluation

A Nebraska criminal defense attorney may be able to help you file pleadings, meet notice requirements, and discover crucial evidence. A Nebraska attorney may be able to find a flaw in your case that could lead to dismissal.

Were you read your Miranda rights when you were arrested? Was your property searched without a valid warrant? Were you given the opportunity to speak to a lawyer?

Even when a criminal defense attorney cannot have your case dismissed, your lawyer may be able to have your charges reduced, leading to less time in jail or a penalty with no prison time. Now is the time to act. You need to know what your options are before you go to court.

A Nebraska Criminal Defense Attorney Can Explain the Full Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

You may already know that a criminal conviction could lead to a jail sentence, but do you understand the full consequences of a conviction? Beyond jail time, a criminal conviction can haunt your prospects for employment, your driving privileges, and other legal rights.

Some employers, depending on the position, perform background checks on potential employees. Crimes of violence or involving drugs and alcohol may disqualify an applicant from some jobs.

The State of Nebraska may suspend or revoke your driving privileges upon conviction of some traffic offenses. To regain your driver’s license you may be required to take part in drug and alcohol evaluation and treatment, take classes, and purchase high cost high-risk automobile insurance.

A Nebraska criminal defense attorney may help you understand the hidden consequences of a conviction in your case.

A second or third conviction for the same or similar crimes can dramatically increase the consequences of a criminal conviction. Some repeat offender laws require the court to impose a minimum jail sentence.

Even for multiple convictions for similar traffic offenses, the court may have to impose a jail sentence and the State of Nebraska may suspend or even revoke your driver’s license. A Nebraska criminal defense lawyer can explain Nebraska’s laws regarding repeat convictions before you take action in your case.

Find Out What You Need to Know Now

The Nebraska criminal court system generally operates quickly. You need to know your deadlines, requirements for filing documents, and how to find information critical to your defense. A Nebraska criminal defense attorney can help you act now in order to protect your future.

Whether you’ve been arrested, charged with a crime, or are under investigation for a crime, schedule a no-obligation consultation with a Nebraska criminal defense attorney to learn how to protect your rights. Just fill in the free online case evaluation form or call us toll free at 877-445-1059 to connect with a local criminal defense attorney today.