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Whether you’ve been arrested, charged, or are under investigation for a crime, a Montana criminal defense attorney can explain your options.

The Montana criminal courts can be confusing. A Montana criminal defense lawyer may help you understand the actions you can take and opportunities you may have to resolve your case now. Know how to file pleadings and discover evidence so that you don’t miss critical opportunities.

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A Montana criminal defense attorney can review your case and may design a strategy for your defense. Your criminal defense attorney may able to find a flaw in your case that could lead to dismissal.

Even when your attorney cannot find a crucial flaw in the case, he or she may able to find a minor error that could lead to a lessening of charges, possibly keeping you out of jail. Were your Miranda rights read to you? Was your car or home searched without your permission or a valid warrant? Know your options so that you can act in way that could help to resolve your case now.

A Montana Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You to Understand The Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

You may be concerned about receiving a jail sentence in your case, but you should understand the hidden consequences, those not imposed by the courts, of a criminal conviction. A criminal record could hamper your ability to find employment or result in the loss of your driving privileges.

Upon conviction for a drug or alcohol offense, or multiple convictions for similar traffic offenses, the State of Montana may suspend or even revoke your driving privileges.

To regain your driver’s license, the State may require you to participate in drug and alcohol evaluation and treatment. You may be required to purchase costly high-risk auto insurance.

A criminal conviction may make it more difficult for you to obtain employment. Depending on the position you apply for, many employers will review your criminal history. Convictions for crimes involving drugs or violence can disqualify you from some jobs. A Montana criminal defense attorney may explain the hidden consequences of a conviction before you go to court.

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The actions you take now could affect the outcome of your case. Do you know the consequences of pleading to a crime? Do you understand how the Montana criminal court system operates? Can you find information and evidence that can be critical to your case? A Montana criminal defense attorney may help you understand how to navigate the criminal court system and protect your rights.

You need to know how the Montana criminal system works before you go to court. To obtain a no-obligation consultation call us toll free at 877-445-1059 or fill in the free online case evaluation form now.