Missouri Criminal Defense

Let a Missouri Criminal Defense Lawyer Help You Understand Your Criminal Charges

Whether you’ve been arrested, charged with a crime, or are under investigation, let a Missouri criminal defense attorney help you understand the Missouri criminal court system.

Criminal cases generally get resolved much more quickly than civil matters. You need to understand how to meet filing deadlines and notice requirements and how to discover critical evidence that could improve the outcome of your case.

Free Case Evaluation

A Missouri criminal defense lawyer can explain the criminal system and may help you avoid missing critical opportunities.

A Missouri criminal defense attorney can assess your case and may point out any possible defenses. A Missouri attorney may even be able to find a flaw in your case that could lead to dismissal.

Were you read your Miranda rights when your were arrested? Has your property been searched without a valid warrant and without your permission? Were you given an opportunity to speak with a lawyer?

Even when a criminal defense attorney cannot have your case dismissed, he or she may be able to get the charges reduced or negotiate a more acceptable plea bargain. Your Missouri criminal defense lawyer may help you devise a strategy for your defense.

Do You Know the Full Consequences of a Criminal Conviction?

You probably know that a conviction for a crime can lead to a sentence in jail. Do you know which crimes call for time in the state prison and which would let you serve time in a local jail? Do you know when you can avoid jail time by serving home detention? A Missouri criminal defense attorney can explain the sentencing options that may be available to the court in your case.

Some misdemeanor crimes carry jail time upon conviction. Even when they do not, a criminal record can have hidden consequences for your future employment, driving privileges, and other legal rights.

Depending on the job you’re seeking and the content of your criminal history, some employers may deny you employment. In Missouri, conviction on some misdemeanor offenses may cause a suspension or revocation of your driving privileges.

To regain your driver’s license, you may be required to participate in drug and alcohol evaluation and treatment and driving classes, purchase costly high-risk auto insurance, and pay expensive fees and costs.

Multiple convictions for the same or similar crimes can drastically increase the penalties a court may impose in your case. Many states require a minimum sentence for repeat offenders. A Missouri criminal defense attorney can explain what you may need to know about how your criminal history affects your current case.

Contact a Missouri Criminal Defense Attorney to Get Advice in Your Case

The Missouri criminal courts can be confusing. You may need to know how to discover evidence that may be critical to your case, how to file pleadings, and whether a lawyer can negotiate a better deal.

A Missouri criminal defense attorney may be able to help plan for your defense while you still have time to make good decisions. Call us toll free at 877-445-1509 or fill in the free online evaluation form to schedule a no-obligation consultation today.