Mississippi Criminal Defense

Speak to a Mississippi Criminal Defense Attorney Before You Make Decisions About Your Case

Have you been arrested or charged with a crime? Are you under investigation for a crime? Get advice from a Mississippi criminal defense attorney before make decisions that could affect your future. The criminal court system often functions more quickly than the civil courts. Decisions you make today can affect the outcome of your case. A Mississippi attorney may help you understand how to avoid missing critical opportunities before they pass you by.

Free Case Evaluation

A Mississippi criminal defense attorney can assess your case and explain whatever possible defenses you may have. Was your property searched without a proper warrant or your permission? Maybe your weren’t read your Miranda rights when you were arrested. A Mississippi criminal lawyer may be able to work with you to find a flaw in your case that could possibly lead to a dismissal.

If your attorney cannot get your case dismissed, he or she may still be able have the charges reduced, possibly leading to a shorter sentence or a reduction in monetary or other penalties.

A Mississippi Criminal Defense Attorney can Explain the Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

You may already know that a criminal conviction can lead to jail. Do you know when you can avoid jail time? Some criminal convictions allow for home detention as a substitute for jail time. A Mississippi criminal defense attorney may be able to make a bargain that may lead to home detention.

Do you understand the hidden consequences of a criminal conviction? Beyond the penalty handed down by the court, a criminal record could have consequences affecting your driving privileges, potential employment, or even child custody. Depending on the position you apply for, some employers check each applicant’s background for a criminal record. A criminal record that includes convictions for crimes of violence or dishonesty could affect your ability to find lasting employment. In the event that you are contesting child custody, a conviction for a crime of violence could harm your right to parenting time. A Mississippi criminal defense attorney can explain the hidden consequences of a criminal conviction before you go to court.

Do you know how a second or third conviction for similar crimes can affect the possible penalties in your case? Even for multiple convictions for traffic offenses a court may drastically increase your penalty. A conviction as repeat traffic offender may carry jail time and suspension or revocation of your driving license. You may be required to participate in drug and alcohol evaluation and classes, purchase high cost high-risk insurance, and pay hefty fines and costs in order to regain your driver’s license. Understand how your criminal history can affect your current case before you act.

A Mississippi Criminal Defense Attorney May Tell You What You Need to Know Now

The Mississippi criminal courts can be confusing. You should know how to file documents and meet deadlines in order to avoid missing critical opportunities. A Mississippi criminal defense attorney can devise a strategy to help you manage your case.

If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime, don’t delay. Call us toll free at 877-445-1509 or fill in the free online evaluation form to connect with a criminal defense attorney in your area today for your no-obligation consultation.