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If you’ve been arrested, charged with a criminal offense, or are under investigation for a crime, speak with a Minnesota criminal defense attorney before you make decisions that could affect your future. The Minnesota criminal courts can be confusing and frustrating.

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A Minnesota criminal defense attorney may help guide you through the courts to protect your rights and help you achieve a better outcome in your case.

A Minnesota criminal defense attorney can review your case and may explain any possible defenses that you may have. Perhaps there is a flaw in your case that could lead to dismissal. Were you read your Miranda rights when you were arrested? Was your car or home searched unreasonably? Were you questioned without being given the opportunity to get a lawyer?

If a dismissal is not possible, a criminal defense lawyer may be able to have the charges lessened, reducing any penalty that may be imposed. A Minnesota lawyer can explain your rights and may help you devise a strategy for your defense.

A Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney can Explain the Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

You may already know that criminal conviction may require you to spend time in jail, but do you know about the hidden consequences of a criminal conviction?

Although not imposed by a court, the hidden costs of a criminal conviction may follow you. Do you know that potential employers may search your background for criminal convictions, whether felonies or misdemeanors? A criminal history may even affect your right to drive.

Some traffic crimes require the State of Minnesota to suspend or even revoke your driving privileges. Regaining your driver’s license may require you to purchase high cost high-risk insurance, attend drug and alcohol treatment and classes and pay expensive costs and fees.

The increase in consequences for multiple convictions for similar crimes may be dramatic. Many states have repeat offender laws that require a court impose heavy sentences for even minor crimes. Even repeat traffic offenses could cause a judge to impose a repeat traffic offender sentence that could include jail time, home detention, or suspension of your driving privileges.

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The Minnesota criminal defense system can be overwhelming. You may need to know how to meet deadlines, file documents, and discover evidence that may be critical to your case.

The criminal courts work fast. If you contact a Minnesota criminal defense lawyer now, he or she may be able to help you protect your rights and possibly lessen your charges or penalties.

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