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Whether you’ve been charged with a crime, arrested, or are under investigation, speak to a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney today. The Massachusetts criminal courts often work more quickly than the civil courts. You should understand how the system functions before you make decisions that may affect your future.

Criminal defense - Discuss your criminal charges with a criminal defense lawyer

A Massachusetts criminal defense attorney may be able to help you understand your rights and responsibilities. A Massachusetts attorney can explain your Miranda rights, protection from unreasonable searches and seizures, right to a lawyer, and other rights held by every accused person. There may be a flaw in your arrest or the search of your property that may lead to suppression of evidence, or even dismissal of the charges against you. Even if a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney cannot attain a dismissal, he or she may be able to have the charges reduced or negotiate a favorable plea agreement.

A Criminal Conviction may Carry Hidden Consequences

A criminal record may carry consequences other than penalties imposed by the court. Your Massachusetts criminal defense attorney may help you understand how a criminal conviction can affect your future employment, driving privileges, or even child custody. Do you know that some employers may search your background for a criminal history? Do you know that your driving privileges may be suspended or even revoked for some crimes? Do you understand how a crime of violence may affect your future child custody rights?

A Massachusetts criminal defense attorney may explain how a second criminal conviction for the same or a similar crime may drastically increase the possible penalties you’re facing. A second or third conviction for even minor traffic offenses may allow the State of Massachusetts to suspend or even revoke your driving privileges. To regain your driving privilege you may be required to purchase expensive high-risk auto insurance. A Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer may explain the consequences of a conviction in your case.

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The Massachusetts criminal courts may be confusing. You need to understand how to meet deadlines, file documents, and explore evidence that may be critical to your case before you act. Before you go to court, a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney can explain how the criminal court system operates so you won’t take action that may harm your case.

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