Louisiana Criminal Defense

A Louisiana Criminal Attorney may help you understand the potential consequences you face

When you were arrested, you probably were not the one asking the questions. Now it’s your turn to interrogate someone about your charges. A Louisiana criminal defense attorney can listen to your concerns, answer your questions regarding this case, tell you about potential penalties and the affect on your lifestyle.

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The United States Constitution provides specific rights to anyone accused of a crime. You have the right to have an attorney represent you during questioning once you are in custody. If the arresting officers neglect to read you your rights, then any evidence they obtain may potentially be prohibited from use by the prosecution.

A Louisiana criminal defense attorney can compare your account of the arrest with the police record and may be able to determine whether there are discrepancies. It is possible to avoid certain penalties if the police or prosecution makes errors in processing the charges.

Let a Louisiana Criminal Defense Lawyer Review Your Case

A Louisiana criminal defense lawyer can meet with you to review your case and recommend one or more defense strategies. The lawyer can also explain the pros and cons of each defense. You ultimately get to decide which lawyer to hire and which defense you would like to pursue, but getting information about your rights and options is the first step.

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