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Make sure you understand your legal rights, specifically those related to the criminal charges you received. You should learn how you can possibly avoid harsh penalties, particularly if it is important for you to maintain your daily routine. Let a Florida criminal defense lawyer assist you with your case and help you protect your future.

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The Constitution of the United States provides you with certain rights. If any of these rights are violated, certain evidence may not be excluded. For instance, the prosecution may not be able to use evidence obtained during unlawful questioning.

The police are required to read you your rights before questioning you once you are arrested. Allow a Florida criminal defense attorney to review your case to determine whether the police violated your rights at any time.

Not only do you have rights at the time of your arrest, but you also have rights after you are charged with a crime. You have the right to a speedy trial, but the definition of “speedy” varies from state to state, and even depending upon particular circumstances of your case.

A local Criminal Defense Attorney should know how much time represents “speedy” in your area in comparison to other metropolitan areas in the state of Florida.

During an arrest, you may feel stressed and not fully understand your rights. It is important to understand that you can request that your attorney be present anytime you are required to communicate with investigators.

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