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A California Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You Manage Your Case.

If your encounter with the police led to an arrest and charges were filed, you should learn all there is to know about your legal rights. Discover how you can possibly avoid severe penalties and maintain your current lifestyle.

Take a step which could minimize your potential penalties and protect your rights by communicating with a California criminal defense lawyer to discuss your case.

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If any of your rights have been violated before or during the arrest, certain evidence may be prohibited from use by the prosecution. The Constitution of the United States protects you from any unreasonable search and seizure.

A California criminal defense attorney can review your case and determine whether or not your rights were preserved.

If you were arrested in your home or at work, you probably suffered embarrassment and shame. You may be so stressed out about your arrest that you aren’t even thinking about your defense plan. A California criminal defense attorney can review your case and recommend a defense strategy based on the type of crime you were charged with and the circumstances surrounding your arrest. Let a local defense attorney navigate your specific court system and guide you through the process so that you can focus on your family and work.

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