Business Fraud

Bad business practices could bring criminal charges. While business fraud may not be the official charge, you could be facing a number of related charges, including:

  • Investment fraud;
  • Tax evasion;
  • Securities fraud;
  • Embezzlement, and more.

If you are facing one of more of these charges, you may face losing your business, your reputation, your freedom and more. Connect with a criminal defense attorney today, and take the first step in fighting your charges.

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Generally speaking, business fraud is any type of fraud committed by a person or people in charge of a business. The charges against you may include business fraud as well as:

Securities fraud: An umbrella term that may iclude insider trading, fraudulent accounting practices to exaggerate company or stock value, or businesses set up to perpetrate investment schemes, such as “pump and dump” boiler rooms or Ponzi schemes.

Tax evasion: Everyone has to pay taxes, this includes businesses. Any business that participates in fraudulent accounting practices, including hiding or transferring assets or income, understating income, false deductions, concealment or destruction of records, or money laundering, could be charged with this crime.

Bankruptcy fraud: A business may be set up solely to commit bankruptcy fraud. In these cases, a business would apply for loans, get the money and then file for bankruptcy, with no intention of ever paying the money back.

False advertising: False advertisement claims involve serious misuse of advertising by companies. These are companies that fail to deliver products or make it a practice to send faulty merchandise.

False billing: Sometimes a form of embezzlement, false billing involves charging for services that weren’t performed or legit payments sent to businesses that simply don’t exist. In some cases, a company will try to order merchandise from another company, and then disappear, file for bankruptcy or otherwise ignore the bills.

Business Fraud Penalties

Because many different acts can constitute business fraud ‒ from tax evasion to investment fraud ‒ the penalties vary widely. In general, penalties for fraud often include fines and jail time.

The punishments often increase with the severity of the crime. Severity may be calculated by people affected, money lost or property damaged. Anyone convicted of fraud could likely expect to pay for any lost money or damages caused by their actions, as well.

If you have been charged with business fraud, you may want to speak with a criminal defense lawyer instead of the attorney that handles your business deals. A defense lawyer can answer questions you might have about local state laws and criminal trials.

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