Homicide is the unlawful killing of another person. Depending on the circumstances and aggravating factors, homicide may be charged as murder (first-degree or second-degree) or manslaughter (voluntary or involuntary).

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Homicide Defined

Homicide is a broad term that encompasses both murder and manslaughter, and is a charge relating to the taking of a life, whether intentional or unintentional.

Some states have expanded homicide to apply to the killing of fetus. This may also be charged as feticide.

Justifiable Homicide

Based on certain circumstances, a homicide may be ruled as justifiable or excusable.

The most prominent defense for justifiable homicide is self-defense, or defense of another. In these instances, a person has the right to use reasonable force to protect himself or another from immanent attack.

Many states have adopted the Castle Doctrine, which allows for a person to use deadly force to protect his home from an intruder. Some states have provisions that the homeowner must announce his self-defense, or must attempt to retreat before resorting to force.

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