Molestation is generally when an adult offender performs sexual acts with a child under the age of 18. These crimes include touching the victim’s private parts, exposing genitalia, taking pornographic pictures, rape or inducement of sexual acts with the offender or other children.

Molestation may also include incest by a relative with a minor child in the family. These crimes may also include unwanted sexual activities between an adult offender and victim, short of rape.

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Child Molestation Statistics

Statistics on child molestation are difficult to attain, due to the nature of the offense. The FBI reports that only 1% to 10% of children ever report molestation. However, it is estimated that one in three girls and one in six boys is sexually abused by age 18.

As with most forms of abuse, most victims know their abuser. It is estimated that 70% to 90% of molesters know their victim.

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