Georgia Man Charged with Distribution of Obscene Materials


Dennis Shaun Bowman is not a stranger to the Los Angeles Police Department.

On Friday, the 28 year old Georgia man was arrested and charged with 7 counts of distributing obscene materials.

Bowman had sent numerous photos of his naked private area to a Los Angeles based attorney who represents well-known celebrity clients.

Currently Bowman is said to believe he is in a relationship with Scarlett Johansson.

Prior to this, Bowman had an infatuation with Kim Kardashian which led to a protective order against him.

Bowman relocated from Rossville, Georgia to Los Angeles to be closer to the women he pines for.

Bowman has called and emailed this attorney’s office so much so that it has jammed their phone system. On one given day the attorney received 82 voicemails from Bowman.

Currently in jail, bond has been set for Bowman at $24,500.

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