College Baseball Player Randomly Killed in Oklahoma


A catcher at East Central University, Christopher Lane, was shot and killed Friday in the town of Duncan, Oklahoma.

Lane, a 22 year old man from Melbourne, Australia, was out for a run while visiting his girlfriend and her family.

Lane apparently ran by three boys, ages 15, 16 and 17, who then followed him in a car, shot him an unknown number of times and drove away.

A woman saw Lane stumbling in the road and called 911.

The shooting is said to have been completely random; the boys were simply bored and needed something to do. All 3 are currently in custody.

Reports indicate the murder weapon has not yet been found but the 17 year old boy gave the police a detailed confession.

It is not yet known whether the boys will be charged as adults or juveniles but first-degree murder charges are expected.

First-degree murder convictions can yield a maximum sentence of life in prison. They are not eligible for the death sentence because they are all under 18.

Christopher Lane attended East Central University, in Ada, on a baseball scholarship and was well liked among family, friends and coaches.

His baseball coach, Dino Rosato, was quoted in the school’s statement, “He was an absolute joy to coach. Chris was an extremely well-respected teammate. He set a great example for all of his teammates, but more importantly for the younger players. He was a mature student-athlete who his teammates could look to for advice and support.”

Lane and his girlfriend, Sarah Harper, had been in Australia the previous week. She told the Australian Broadcasting Corp, “He didn’t deserve any of this. It’s heartbreaking that it was such a random choice those guys made that drastically altered so many lives in the process.

Also in communication with the Australian Broadcasting Crop, Lane’s father commented, “It is heartless and to try to understand it is a short way to insanity.”

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