Teenage Girls Charged With Armed Robbery After Ketchup Attack

Three teenage girls in Palatine, Illinois were charged with armed robbery after allegedly assaulting a younger boy with glass ketchup bottles, according to a bizarre report from the Chicago Sun-Times.

According to sources, the girls will be forced to hire a criminal defense attorney thanks to the testimony of the victim, a 12-year-old boy who told police that the girls assaulted him and stole valuables from his home.

Sources say the victim claimed that the three girls, Vanessa Mejia, 17, Sendi Ocampo, 18, and an unnamed juvenile, came to his home asking for his older sister. The boy said she wasn’t home, and the trio left.

But minutes later, the teenagers returned to the home asking to use the restroom. When the boy allowed the girls to enter the home, they promptly struck him with a glass ketchup battle.

And while the weapon doesn’t sound particularly dangerous, a responding police officer said the boy suffered a “pretty big cut,” and the boy was later treated at a nearby hospital for “multiple” injuries.

And the girls’ legal troubles extend beyond the assault. Sources say, after they hit the boy, they also stole $50 in cash, two cell phones, and several pieces of jewelry from the home.

For their efforts, the girls were charged with home invasion and armed robbery, both felony criminal charges, and police are reportedly looking for a fourth suspect who accompanied the girls to the home.

Interestingly, while Mejia and Ocampo are being treated as adults, their underage accomplice is being treated as a juvenile, which leads to a wide disparity in their potential punishments.

Sources say the two older suspects are being held in a Cook County jail on a $200,000 bond. They are scheduled to appear in court later this week.

But the younger suspect is being held in Chicago’s Juvenile Justice Detention Center, and sources believe that she may be released soon.

The incident serves as a reminder that armed robbery does not require the use of a traditional deadly weapon, like a gun or knife.

If offenders steal something from another person with the aid of a dangerous weapon, like a glass bottle, or through the use of force, they may be eligible to face charges for armed robbery.

And the fact that the victim was a 12-year-old boy certainly gives a judge more ammunition to sentence the girls to longer jail terms, in addition to making the story fodder for national news.

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