Can Google Maps Help Solve Crimes?


Recently there has been an image circulating the internet of coordinates on Google Maps, in the Netherlands, that depict what resembles a bloody body being dragged to the end of a pier.

From the image alone, it is not possible to tell what is actually happening. Some people say it has to be the dumping of a body. Other people say it is a dog or other animal.

It is very possible that the reddish color seen in the image isn’t blood at all and is simply wet wood.

This story makes us wonder what else Google Maps, or Google Earth has seen. Satellite images are being taken all the time, making them bound to see something that someone does not want them to see.

Can Google products serve as evidence to help solve crimes? It is very possible.

In 2008, a 14-year-old’s bike was stolen. Several months later the boy came across an image of himself riding his bike on Google Street View.

Who was behind him in the image? The 2 men who stole the bike from him! Google worked with police to obtain clear images and the thieves ended up in jail (it wasn’t their first robbery).

Google Maps and Google Earth have helped police catch several other criminals in the past few years.

One man used Google Maps to map out his route for disposing of a body after committing a murder. Another man used Google Earth to locate and case a woman’s home before attacking and strangling her.

Just because you don’t see a person, doesn’t mean someone, or something, doesn’t see you. As technology continues to improve, Google will likely play a key role in assisting the authorities in solving crimes.

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