Son of British Billionaire Suspected of Murdering his American Wife

The husband of one of Britain’s wealthiest women has been arrested by London police after authorities grew suspicious of his role in the murder of his wife, according to a recent report from Fox News.

No official criminal charges have been filed against Hans Kristain Rausing, but police view him as a suspect in the murder of his wife, although sources are quick to note that authorities have not yet determined the cause of Eva Rausing’s untimely death.

The arrest follows a series of bizarre incidents involving the couple, as the deceased 48-year-old socialite, who was an American, had previously been in legal trouble with her husband, the son of a British billionaire.

In 2008, Eva and Hans Rausing were arrested by British police after they allegedly tried to smuggle crack cocaine and heroin into the U.S. Embassy in London. The drugs, apparently, had been stashed in her purse.

Remarkably though, the drug charges against the couple were dropped when the Rausings admitted their guilt. They received only a stern “reprimand” from the police, which perhaps revealed the extent of the family’s political power in London.

But the murder charges against Hans Rausing may not be dropped so easily. Sources say that detectives are still treating Eva Rausing’s death as “unexplained,” and that Hans Rausing has not been officially charged with any crime, but his recent arrest suggests some possible foul play.

During a preliminary hearing last week, head inspector Sharon Marman told British reporters that Rausing has been arrested “on suspicion” of his wife’s murder.

Interestingly, the wealthy heir to a drink-carton fortune has not yet been questioned by police, and is currently receiving medical treatment.

The Rausings lived in a luxury home in London and were famous for donating millions of dollars to charities that helped people combat drug addictions. The Rausings were also famous for struggling with their own drug addictions.

In the last few years, the couple’s extended family notably donated more than 150 million pounds to a broad range of charitable organizations.

The Rausing fortune was developed by Hans’ grandfather, Ruben, who invented milk cartons in 1963 that could be packed and shipped in very tight quarters.

Sources say that the invention led to a revolution in the packaging of milk and fruit juices across the world, and made the Hausings very wealthy, which allowed future generations of Hausings to enjoy designer drugs and, on rare occasions, become involved in murder mysteries.

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