Witness Gives Stirring Tale of Stabbing in Trial of Alleged Murderer

A victim of a near-fatal knife attack in Michigan testified this week against a man facing several counts of murder for a series of random stabbings in and around the city of Flint in 2010, according to a report from the Detroit Free Press.

During the trial, Bill Fisher lifted up his shirt to show jurors the stab wound he suffered two years ago. After this display, he pointed to Elias Abuelazam, who has launched a desperate criminal defense, and identified him as the attacker.

Prosecutors believe that the 35-year-old Abuelazam, an immigrant from Israel, is responsible for 14 different incidents in the Flint area in which innocent people were stabbed. Five of the people who were stabbed eventually died.

The first trial related to these killings is under way, while three different murder cases against the man have yet to begin. Abuelazam also faces criminal charges for six attempted murders.

Remarkably, the man has also been charged with attempted murder in a case that will take place in Toledo, Ohio, and he is suspected in similar attacks that took place near his former residence in Leesburg, Virginia.

The current trial relates to the death of Arnold Minor, one of the five stabbing victims who allegedly lost his life at the hands of the serial killer.

In his testimony, which prosecutors admitted in an attempt to label Abuelazam as the attacker, Fisher said he was waiting for a bus when the attacked asked him to help him check the engine of his Chevy Blazer, which he claimed needed attention.

Fisher recounted what happened next in chilling detail: “I tell him to pull the latch. … He came so fast. I had a dagger in my stomach.”

After he was stabbed in the stomach, Fisher testified that he stumbled to a nearby apartment complex and pushed random buttons in the hope that someone would see his distress and call an ambulance.

And, in the most important part of his testimony, after prosecutors asked him to identify the man who attacked him that night, Fisher confidently identified Abuelazam, who was seated only feet away from him at the defense table, as the offender.

This, however, will not end the trial, although sources say that prosecutors could be ready to rest their case later this week after they complete their fifth day of witness testimony. Michigan residents certainly hope that the state grabbed the right culprit.

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