Police Won’t File Criminal Charges in Whitney Houston’s Death

This week, police in Beverly Hills, California announced that they have concluded their investigation into the death of Whitney Houston and found no signs that any crime occurred, according to a report from the Chicago Sun Times.

In a report on Wednesday, Lt. Mark Rosen said that the police reviewed the full autopsy report of the iconic singer, and the coroner’s report revealed no signs of foul play. As a result, the police will not be bringing criminal charges against anyone involved in Houston’s death.

Sources say that the autopsy performed on Houston revealed that she died of an accidental drowning. In addition, officials from the coroner’ office said that heart disease and cocaine use also contributed to her death.

Thanks to her popularity, Houston’s life was always a hot topic in gossip magazines, which were usually quick to observe when she found herself in trouble with drugs. This, unfortunately, occurred fairly often.

Houston’s cocaine use was well documented, but the 48-year-old singer seemed to have gotten over some of her demons before her untimely death.

In fact, before she died, Houston was planning a major comeback attempt, which had begun with her starring role in the remake of the film “Sparkle,” which won’t be released until later this year.

Her film role and recent singing performances suggested Houston was back on the rise, which made her death in a bathtub in a Beverly Hills hotel on the night before the Grammy Awards all the more surprising.

Still, despite her history of drug use and apparently failing health, many observers were quick to speculate that someone else may have been behind Houston’s death.

Many of the fears were likely a result of Michael Jackson’s very public death, in which his doctor faced serious criminal charges for overdosing the pop star with prescription medications.

In this case, however, Beverly Hills police found no evidence that doctors had administered lethal doses of a drug to Houston, and thus her doctors won’t have to worry about mounting a criminal defense.

This information may provide a bit of peace to Houston’s family, as her death may have been harder to stomach had the family known that foul play was involved. It seems instead that Houston’s death was simply a result of bad decisions and bad luck.

In his statement, Lt. Rosen did extend the police department’s condolences to Houston’s family after revealing that her death was due to an accidental drowning.

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