Is Police Brutality Spreading?

Many people have a skewed perspective on law enforcement, often from just one bad run-in with police. By and large, police are responsible for our safety and security, and they do a wonderful job. However, there have been reports that police brutality is on the rise, and there is evidence that these statistics will continue to increase with law enforcement defending criminal charges against themselves.

Read below to find out more about police brutality, and then share your thoughts in the comments section. After all, should 6,613 reports of cop misconduct be considered normal?

Is Police Brutality Spreading?

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Cops Increasing Insecurity: Is Police Brutality Spreading?

Data according to the National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project 2010.

6,613 law enforcement officers involved in reported allegations of misconduct.

4,861 unique reports of police misconduct reported.

247 fatalities associated with tracked reports.

During each month of April – November, 2010, reports of officer misconduct met or exceed the count from 2009. In three months (June, September, and October), more than 700 incidents were reported nationwide.

About one in six reports of officer misconduct led to some sort of disciplinary action – but only half of those involved an officer being convicted of a crime for his or her actions.

6,613 law enforcement officers involved in reported allegations of misconduct.

354 were agency leaders such as chiefs or sheriffs.

6,826 alleged victims.

$346,512,800: Estimated amount spent on misconduct-related civil judgments and settlements (excluding sealed documents, court costs and attorney fees).

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