What’s Next for Casey Anthony?

Some have called it the “Trial of the Century” while others hope the defendant just disappears after her release, never to be heard from again. The Casey Anthony trial and verdict have elicited strong reactions from millions of people both here and abroad.

Despite the constant developments, never-ending twists and turns and the nonstop drama, one thing is certain. People will continue to be fascinated by this trial for years to come.

Why Such Fascination?

Intrigue has followed Casey Anthony’s story over the past 3 years due to the string of proven lies and, at the heart of it all, the mystery behind her little girl’s death. While this is not the first time a mother has been prosecuted for killing her child, this case contains unique elements that are usually found in TV movies alone.

Even before the trial began, Anthony drew the public into her world of very detailed fabrications, including her imaginary job at Universal Studios and her disturbing relationship with a fictional nanny. Furthermore, the wild goose chase she concocted to allegedly distract law enforcement gained a lot of attention, especially from the news media.

In addition to the circumstances of Anthony’s story, watchers of this case are also captivated by the largely unexpected verdict. While it can be argued that the jury did their job by judging the case solely on the evidence they felt they were given, the majority of people assumed Anthony would be punished for her daughter’s death.

Her 31 days of partying after Caylee Anthony’s disappearance coupled with her refusal to involve law enforcement and what appeared to be signs of decomposition in her car trunk made Ms. Anthony guilty in the court of public opinion. But a criminal trial requires a person to be found guilty through evidence – which the jury didn’t think there was enough of.

The fact that Anthony will be set free has caused a stir that can only be compared to O.J. Simpson’s acquittal in 1995. A collective outcry about what many call a terrible injustice to Caylee will probably remain for some time.

Where Will Casey Anthony Go Now?

There is a lot of speculation about where Casey Anthony will go once she’s released from jail. Certain reports say she plans to move to Houston to live with one of her aunts. Other outlets claim she’s moving to Puerto Rico, a place she’d planned to visit before she was thrust into the spotlight.

No matter where she lands, Ms. Anthony still has some legal issues to resolve. Currently, there are two lawsuits against her that don’t appear to be going away any time soon. One lawsuit involves Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, who says Anthony ruined her life by claiming a woman with this same name kidnapped Caylee.

The second lawsuit was initiated by Texas Equu-Search. This organization claims they tried to find Caylee when Ms. Anthony already knew her daughter was dead. They accuse Caylee’s mother of deliberately lying to them, which caused the group to spend time and money on a search and rescue that could have been used to help someone else.

Wherever Casey Anthony goes, media reports are sure to follow her. Whether she decides to give a tell-all interview or profit from a lucrative book deal, the public’s interest in Casey Anthony will probably linger for the long-term.

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