Police Investigate Packers Player on Sexual Assault Charges

The sports world has been abuzz with reports of Green Bay Packers team member allegedly committing a sexual assault, but there is no word yet on criminal charges.

Seven players were in Lake Delton for a charity golf tournament. After the tournament, rather than going home, they stayed at the Wilderness Resort Golf Cabins. At 4:17 am, police received a call from two women, age 33 and 31, alerting them to the possibility of an assault. When they arrived on the scene, they found that the players and the women had been drinking, according to CBS Sports.

Six of the players (quarterback Matt Flynn, safety Khalil Jones, guard Josh Sitton, fullback Korey Hall, and linebackers Brad Jones and Clay Matthews) were immediately interviewed and cleared.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the seventh player is second-year cornerback Brandon Underwood. He did spend some time in a room alone with the two women. Whether the activities they undertook were consensual or not, though, is a case of typical “he said, she said.”

Police chief Tom Dormer said that he is done conducting interviews, and will take the case to the Sauk County District Attorney on Monday or Tuesday. The district attorney will then decide whether or not issue charges of sexual assault, according to the National Football Post.

Sadly, this all sounds very familiar. Only two months ago, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was accused of raping a woman in a Georgia bar. Prosecutors in Roethlisberger’s case decided there was not enough evidence to prove that a crime had been committed.

Regardless, the NFL suspended Roethlisberger for six months of the 2010 season, as it was the second allegation against him in a year. The NFL reviews any allegations against players under its Personal Conduct Code, because of the aspersions it does cast upon their sport and their corporate empire.

Underwood is still a free man because there was not enough evidence or probable cause to make an arrest. He claims that while sexual activity did take place it was entirely consensual, while the two women report that the contact was nonconsensual.

However, the victims changed their story early in the investigation, casting doubt on the veracity of their claims. When the investigation began, they claimed that multiple perpetrators attacked them, but later they changed their tune and claimed that only Underwood had attacked them.

District attorney Patricia Barrett is expected to make a decision on criminal charges this week. The NFL has released only a one-sentence statement that they are “looking into” the allegations, and whether Underwood will be punished in a similar way to Roethlisberger.

The Journal Sentinel reports that several players have anonymously stated that Underwood has been a problem since he was drafted in 2009. Only time will tell what penalties the young cornerback will face.

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