Dad Arrested for Prank Kidnapping His Daughter

In Covington, La., a dad gagged and tied up his daughter in the passenger seat of his pickup truck and drove down the highway.

Obviously he got caught – which is apparently what the pair was going for, alleging that the whole thing was a stunt – merely a practical joke, according to an Associated Press report.

Tim Williams, 45, bound and gagged his 12-year-old daughter with duct tape and drove down a Louisiana interstate, where other drivers were stunned by the sight and surrounded Williams’ car until a state trooper arrived.

Both Williams and his daughter were arrested, Williams on charges of criminal mischief and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and his daughter was cited for criminal delinquency.

The girl was later released to her uncle, and Williams was released on bond.

The sheriff’s department reportedly did not know whether Williams has a defense lawyer to help with his case.

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