Iraqi Father Runs Down Daughter in Parking Lot

Many fathers and daughters fight over typical issues like going on dates or extending a curfew.

Usually these disagreements between parent and child work themselves out in the end, but that is not true for all families.

According to a CNN article, Faleh Hassan Almaleki handled his situation differently when disagreeing with his daughter. He never approved of his daughter’s new westernized lifestyle. He claimed she abandoned her Iraqi roots while embracing the western culture.

Almaleki allegedly ran down his daughter – Noor Faleh Almaleki – and her boyfriend’s mother – Amal Eden Khalaf in a parking lot in Peoria, Ariz. with his Jeep Laredo.

Both women were walking across the lot when he struck them down with his vehicle.

Almaleki’s daughter suffered severe injuries and was “not responding” while in the hospital. She died shortly after the incident. The prosecutors called this an “honor killing.”

Eden Khalaf was hospitalized with serious injuries but she remained stable.

After the incident occurred, Almaleki drove to Nogales, Mexico where he abandoned the vehicle. He then flew from Mexico City to London, England. British authorities stopped him at the airport and denied him access to the country.

Almaleki was put on plane back to the United States. His plane landed in Georgia and he was then flown back to Arizona.

Almaleki and his family immigrated to the U.S. in the 1990’s. His daughter Noor had married an Iraqi man and moved to Iraq, but she left him and came back to the U.S.

Once Almaleki learned his daughter had left Iraq and her husband, he was very disappointed. But he was more upset to learn she moved back to the U.S. to live with her new boyfriend and his mother.

In an “honor killing,” the family gets together and appoints one member to kill a female relative who shamed the family’s honor in some way, shape or form – according to the Associated Press. This usually occurs when a woman has had an affair while married.

The county prosecutor – Stephanie Low – stated in the court that Almaleki, “by his own admission, this was an intentional act and the reason was that his daughter had brought shame on him and his family.”

Almaleki’s relatives spoke out about the incident and told the media that Amaleki claimed he was upset at his daughter because, “she had become too westernized and was not living according to the family’s traditional Iraqi values.”

Almaleki is currently being held in a county jail on two counts of aggravated assault, but he might face more severe criminal charges.

One Response to Iraqi Father Runs Down Daughter in Parking Lot

  1. Wally says:

    the fact that he would murder his own daughter is appauling. he should be guilty of 1st degree murder because of how he obviously thought out about murdering her and the boyfriend’s mother and how he executed it with the intent to kill her because he was ashamed of her. no one deserves to die like that.

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