Chicago Cop Accused of Fake DUI Arrests

According to an ABC report, one Chicago police officer has allegedly been making a significant number of fake DUI arrests.

So many complaints have been filed against Officer Richard Fiorito, that the Chicago Police Department issued an investigation against him, and a lawsuit has been filed. So far, 21 people are part of the lawsuit, claiming they were had by a DUI scheme.

The lawsuit against Fiorito states that he has a pattern of making false arrests, and the committing perjury when he testifies in court, ABC reported. The officer has been making more than 300 DUI arrests per year, and received an award from M.A.D.D. for writing the most DUI tickets in the state of Illinois.

According to the ABC report, the more DUI arrests an officer makes, the more times his appearance is required in court – and the more times an officer appears in court, the higher his salary becomes.

At this time, Officer Fiorito has not been suspended from duty, and is still patrolling Chicago’s streets. Criminal charges are expected to come from the state’s attorney’s office.

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