‘Barefoot Burglar’ Wreaks Havoc in Pacific Northwest

When a private jet was stolen from Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho just across the border from Canada last week, United States’ law enforcement had a new lead on a few other burglaries that have recently taken place in the region.

According to a CNN report, a teenager known as the “Barefoot Burglar” is the prime suspect for a series of crimes that have happened in the state of Washington in the past few years.

Colton Harris-Moore was first arrested at age 12 for a burglary, and had been arrested nine times before he was 15 years old. In light of recent events, police in five Washington counties are looking for him.

After he dropped out of high school, police suspect he was preying on Camano Island, a vacation community off the Washington coast, where he burglarized homes wearing no shoes – hence the nickname “Barefoot Burglar.”

In 2007, Harris-Moore was caught and plead guilty to three burglary charges. He was represented by a criminal defense lawyer.

He allegedly left a juvenile halfway house less than one year later – and police on Camano Island started to hear of burglaries that fit the style of the Barefoot Burglar.

The criminal dropped off the radar for a while, until last November when a private airplane was stolen from the San Juan Islands. Harris-Moore again became a suspect, and authorities thought he might be island-hopping and committing these crimes, according to CNN.

After the most recent plane theft in Idaho last week, the plane was found crashed in a clearing in Granite Falls, Wash. Additional reports of petty theft have come to the police – just things like food, blankets and clothing.

As of now, Harris-Moore is considered a fugitive, and has not been taken into custody.

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