Riding on Top of the Minivan

Police in Albertville, Ala. received a call over the weekend about a minivan driving down a state highway with a kid riding on the roof.

According to an Associated Press article, the 37-year-old mother driving the minivan was arrested for allowing her 13-year-old daughter to ride inside a cardboard box that was secured to the top of the minivan with a coat hanger.

The woman told police that the box wouldn’t fit inside the vehicle, so her daughter was inside it holding it down.

No one was harmed, and the girl was turned over to a relative when her mother was arrested. The woman was allegedly out on bond as of yesterday.

There is no indication that criminal charges have officially been made in this case.

One Response to Riding on Top of the Minivan

  1. Wally says:

    what kind of sick mother is that? the woman’s sanity should be brought into question. not only that, but criminal charges could be pressed for child abuse due to the obvious threat of danger and injury the child was placed in.

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