Tampered Peepholes: Erin Andrews Stalker Case

When nude videos of ESPN sports journalist Erin Andrews appeared, concern arose wondering how the video was captured.

According to a Los Angeles Times report, Michael David Barrett, 47, was charged with interstate stalking – following Andrews to hotels in different cities. While that charge may have been deserved, Andrews’ lawyer doesn’t think Barrett is solely to blame for his ability to find the journalist.

How did he know where Andrews was staying? How was he able to book a room right next to her? The Los Angeles Times reported that at a Marriott in Tennessee, the hotel staff honored Barrett’s request to room next to Andrews – begging the question: Just how private and secure are hotel guests, celebrity or not?

The peephole on Andrews’ hotel door had been damaged so a cell phone video camera was able to capture footage inside the room.

Of seven Internet videos posted of Andrews, six of them seem to have been taken at the Marriott in Tennessee. The same person who posted those videos also posted nude videos of other women in hotel rooms, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Barrett is scheduled for a hearing today that will determine if he is to be escorted in federal custody to California to officially face criminal charges for this case.

One Response to Tampered Peepholes: Erin Andrews Stalker Case

  1. Wally says:

    he should definitely be facing charges. he was stalking her, taking photographs of her without her consent that would affect he public image and possibly even jeopardize her career on ESPN.

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