Dancing with DeLay

Tom DeLay, former U.S. House of Representatives majority leader, is a current competitor on the hit television series “Dancing with the Stars,” and according to an Associated Press report, DeLay is also dealing with criminal charges of money laundering and conspiracy.

The charges were originally brought against DeLay four years ago, based on state legislative elections from 2002 – and the case is now waiting to be determined by appeals courts in Texas. The case may never even go to trial, the Associated Press reported.

While the pending charges are somewhat of a nuisance for the former politician, he’s nothing but smiles when it comes to “Dancing with the Stars.”

According to the Associated Press, DeLay has a great time on stage, and even takes time to give extra attention to the judges.

Prosecutors in DeLay’s criminal case have allegedly not paid much attention to the TV show, and have said they don’t see that it would affect the case in any way.

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