Argument Leads to Stabbing on Chicago’s North Side

Walking home from the grocery store one block from my apartment early Saturday evening with the supplies to make my dinner, I passed under the train tracks and started to cross the street. I heard shouting and obscenities including the “N” word, so of course I looked around to see what was happening.

Four men were arguing in the middle of the street – exchanging some harsh words and limited physical contact, including pushing. My friend wanted to stop and watch, but I refused and kept walking, thinking to myself, “if this escalates and they have a gun, we don’t want to be anywhere near here,” even though my apartment door was merely steps away.

When we got upstairs, we started to hear sirens within three minutes, and immediately went back outside to see what had gone down.

Sure enough, there was a lifeless looking man on a backboard in the middle of the road with paramedics surrounding him, preparing to intubate him. When I saw his body twitch, I had to look away.

Another man was walking around with a blood-soaked shirt, both front and back. He had been stabbed in the shoulder. So, too, had the man on the ground – I later learned from a Chicago Tribune article.

The crowds finally cleared, but the police tape and detective investigation remained outside my building for several hours. I approached a police officer to ask how long the entire road was going to be blocked off, and he simply said, “I don’t know exactly miss, but it will be a long time – there’s been a homicide.”

That’s how I learned the man in the road had been killed. Great – a homicide outside my apartment that I moved into less than a month ago – thanks, Red line.

Overall, Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood is quite safe – this was a disagreement between strangers that led to multiple stabbings and a death that just happened to occur outside the train stop right next to where I live. Or so I’ll keep telling myself so I can sleep at night.

As of yet, the Chicago Tribune reports that no one is in custody and no criminal charges have been pressed.

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