The Mobile Home Murders

Neighbors feared for their lives as they waited for police to search for the suspect who killed eight in the town of Brunswick, Ga. – a small community left in the shadows in the beginning of a police investigation.

According to an Associated Press report, seven people were murdered at the scene and two were left in critical condition. The local police department is not releasing any information as to whom, how, what or why.

Neighbors wondered if the murderer was still on the loose, and many were upset that no information was being provided to ease their worried minds.  Some wanted to know if they should take matters into their own hands in fear the killer was still on the loose.  One neighbor talked about putting a gun under her pillow just to make sure she was safe at night.

The police stated they could not provide any information, as it could interfere with the investigation, and there was no known suspect in custody.  The best the police could do was to urge the neighbors to be cautious and aware of their surroundings.

After a week of not knowing if a murderer or murderers were running wild around the neighborhoods of Glynn County, the police arrested a 22-year-old man by the name of Guy Heinze who is related to all the victims.

Heinze is the one who reported the murders to the police.  He called 9-1-1 stating “my whole family is dead.” He found them after returning to the mobile home after a night out.  When police arrived at the scene they arrested Heinze.

He was initially charged with evidence tampering, lying to the police and drug possession, but was not yet accused of the murders, the Associated Press reported.

Heinze allegedly removed a shotgun from the mobile home and attempted to hide it from the police by putting it in the trunk of his car.  He allegedly told police he thought the gun was stolen and that’s why he tried to hide it.

Later that same day, the police arrested him for the murders of his family and he is now being charged with eight counts of first degree murder – since one of the two survivors, 19-year-old Michael Toler died at the hospital and became the eighth victim, ABC reported.

The victim’s names were released and they were all Heinze’s family members who lived in the mobile home together owned by his uncle, Toler Sr. According to neighbors, his uncle took in all the family members who needed help and were having hard times.  His father and uncle were among the deceased.

The only survivor of this horrible and deadly attack was three-year-old Byron Jimerson. He remains in the hospital.
For many that knew Heinze, they were surprised that he could have killed his family members.  Many of his friends and family say that they were all so close and he never seemed  like the type to commit such horrible crimes.

Heinze was not able to attend the funeral for his family.  He remained in jail while the funeral proceedings were carried on.

2 Responses to The Mobile Home Murders

  1. Greg Howard says:

    For all of you who already have him tried and convicted; please let me remind you that in The United Sates of America a man is innocent until proved guilty.
    While the media seems to have jumped to the same quick conclusion as the District Attorney I believe that Guy Heinze is innocent.
    There are far too many questions that have not been answered not the least of which is the murders he is charged with would be physically impossible for one person. There were many people in that trailer of an age that they could defend themselves against one person or at least run away. There are windows as well as the door. And whoever committed this awful crime ( at least 2 maybe more) could not be the son, uncle, brother that Guy is. He states himself as does his brother that “he is no saint” (who among us are) that does not make him the mass murderer of his own family. I want the facts and proof of this monstrous act to come out and I believe that Guy Heinze will be found innocent – IF this case makes it to court at all.
    Look for the real killers.

    Greg Howard
    Boston, MA

  2. Gil says:

    I’m with Greg, I’ve been trying to follow this case but there hasn’t been any developments since they nabbed Guy Heinze. It would be impossible for one person to commit this crime, & never mind the “how”, what about the “why”? Why would a seemingly normal young man butcher a whole house full of people? The longer law enforcement pats eachother on the back the further the reals killer(s) can distance themselves from the crime.

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