This White Collar Crime Gives Lawyers Something to Search For

Richard Scrushy – founder of Health South Corp. – was ordered to pay company shareholders a total of nearly $3 billion after an accounting scam – said to be the highest amount ever pressed upon a single executive. Scrushy is currently in jail for a seven-year sentence for a political bribery case.

The white collar crimes Scrushy has committed are making things difficult on lawyers, who are trying to locate all his assets to compensate for the huge payoff he owes. He was found in contempt of court for failing to provide details about his assets, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Scrushy’s wife and kids left Alabama, where most of Scrushy’s assets have been found so far – and went to Texas. Ms. Scrushy’s lawyer says she removed only the things from her home that belonged to her or her children.

Scrushy will be questioned about his assets this week – but the search for everything is expected to take over a year, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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